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    Acoustic to electric conversion?

    Hi, I've been thinking of this for a while and I have to ask myself, and all of you - is it worth it? Or should I buy myself a nice 2Box and use it with Toontrack's Superior Drummer add-on? The options, please help me: 1. Outfit my Gretsch with Roland mesh pads, build triggers (look at...
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    Benny Greb's Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand

    Have a look at this, guys, and tell me - isn't this just plain amazing?
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    Klanginitiative - The Cube - AWESOME!

    Yello, look at this little fellow. Is it a cajon; is it a drum kit, lol? I really wonder how it'd sound. Seems cool. Enjoy!
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    Worth pimpin' the Musashi?

    Hi, guys! I'm plan to buy a 13" Musashi very soon, and I wonder if it's worth to upgrade the hoops and throw off? From what it seems those are the Musashi's downside. I think about getting die-cast hoops from Gibraltar and Dunnett/Trick throw off. Anyone who've done this? Thanks.
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    Interesting and unusual setups - show them!

    Hi, here's the place to show of an artists, or your own, interesting setups. I'll start... Jack White Bill Bruford Terry Bozzio
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    Which pro set gives most bang for the buck?

    Hi, as the title says! I want to know which pro drum set is the most price worthy out there. What I like are technical and innovative designs (like Yamaha lugs and so), exotic wood and other cool stuff. So, hit me!
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    How bad is this - bearing edge flaw?

    Hi, I've just noticed this when cleaning my drums. It's on the twelve inch tom. Could be that I'm a bad tuner or could this affect the sound (overtones etc.) It's a maple rack, twelve by eight, from Gretsch. How to fix? If you have troubles seeing the picture, please click...
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    What's the head I'm looking for?

    Hi, looking for some heads that will produce a deep, low, fat, controlled and clean sound, especially on toms and kick. Do you recommend anything new? Benny Greb has a nice sound, Chris Coleman and Tony Royster Jr, as well. I was thinking coated two ply on top and coated suede one ply on...
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    New drum kit - what to get?

    Hi, I'm on the mood for a new kit. Having a tiny problem, though. Can't find anything that suits my needs, so I'll ask you for help. Here's my requirements... 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 Rather shallow sizes Floor toms on rack (benefits?) No extraordinary finish, keep it simple Versatile tuning...
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    Could I possibly get this cheaper?

    So... Meinl Byzance 14" Traditional Medium Hi-Hat Meinl Byzance 18" Traditional Medium Thin Crash Meinl Byzance 19" Traditional Medium Thin Crash Meinl Byzance 20" Dark Raw Bell Ride $999? $89 in P&P to Sweden. Every cymbal is new. I'm thinking it's too good. What do you think? :)
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    Snare side Ambassador snapped!

    Hi, didn't know where to put this thread, but figured I'd take it in this section. We all know that Remo's quality has gone !"#€%&... look at this, this happened when I tweeked the tuning on my piccolo. Scared the shit out of me - bang, and snapped (should I sue them? Could have hurt me...
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2012

    Didn't find a thread, and this is a subject in question, so I thought I could create one. Discuss! So, the final was on Saturday here in Sweden. This girl won! I think it has great chances in Baku, Azerbaijan. Oh, and yeah - this is what Russia sent...
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    Best looking heads?

    Okey, so this is a question of the weird kind. Which heads, and this isn't about durability, looks the best? And this is about coated heads. Heads that don't get stick marks very easy and does hold up for some time and still looks like brand spanking new! Could you help me? I've got the...
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    Meinl - what's new for 2012?

    Ok, so we all already know that Meinl is the !"#€%. This year they have a ton of news, 46 of them to be exact. Here's a link so that you can see it yourself...
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    Gretsch Renown Jazz with Meinl Byzance

    Here it is. No more artsy pictures... the cymbals are artsy themselves. More pictures are coming this weekend, borrowing my sisters camera, high quality HD-pictures will have you looking forward to something. I have a Gibraltar 8606 stand and some new heads on the way also. I'm as happy as I...