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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    I'd also suggest the 18i20 be overkill for your purposes, but it will also likely future proof your desires.
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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    The interface is great but I'd skip the mic pack. 57s are awkward to place around the kit and as venerated as they are, frankly get outclassed by some newer technology in the same price bracket. Plus, you don't really have any overheads or room options there. Well, I guess you could use a pair...
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    Recording Death-Doom Drums...

    You can also listen to some (classic) 90s death/doom records that were recorded professionally and still sound pretty lo fi. There's really too much to cover in terms of the vagaries of the myriad pieces of gear, but I'd say on its face, you shouldn't have an issue getting good source material...
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    Anyone ever use your own mixer just for drums and then run a line to the snake/main sound board?

    Exactly. This is what I was alluding to above. You can use that as the stage box itself and remove the need for a snake. Less cable, check. You can subgroup or bus the drums for the one knob gain/eq. FOH is discrete from monitors mixes. Each member can adjust their own mix from their own...
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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    I don't disagree, but having a spot mics on everything and a multitrack rig that never gets used is also a waste of money. If one were to own a field recorder that also got used for, you know, field recording, it wouldn't be a waste. In this situation I'd still be inclined to get a 2 or 4...
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    A little help with mic/mixer options..

    If all you are looking for is some foldback for self monitoring, you may find a simpler solution more worthwhile. Perhaps an EAD 10, a single (or stereo/pair) room mic, or even a handheld field recorder (Tascam DR, Zoom H, etc). Depends on the fidelity you require.
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    Anyone ever use your own mixer just for drums and then run a line to the snake/main sound board?

    Seems to me at this point you would just be better off investing in a mixer that has smartphone/tablet control and several busses for monitor mixes.
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    China Cymbal Tilts Too much

    The threads in those pearl wing locs will strip out/wear down over time, making them prone to not staying in place under anything more than light use. They probably should have used steel inserts for the threads.
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    The myth of special equipment?

    It's as real as we make it out to be. Meaning, I think the need (want) for special equipment is mostly a result of familiarity and psychology.
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    Drum Mics

    I also use a PR48, as well as PR28s on toms (and sometimes on snare). I'm a fan. Their service is great as well. I developed a slight rattle on one of the tom mics at one point. Mailed it their way, they sussed it out for a nominal fee. At some point I'll be able justify buying a pair of PR30s...
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    Guesstimate on kit value?

    Badges tell me thats a birch/bubinga, not just bubinga.
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    Starclassic Walnut/Birch micro kit with 16" kick

    I’d grab an Inde Wayfarer before I even gave these a thought.
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    Mixer for practice?

    I'd think any relatively flat response headset monitor would be fine. I think the only consideration outside of that would be isolation, depending on how low you want to be able to run the volume before you can hear your sticks hitting the pads.
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    Overhead mics attached to a rack

    Concur with the shock mounts. Of other consideration: I did some spring cleaning last year, and part of that was reducing floor space. Confronted with a similar situation, my overhead booms are now ceiling mounted (essentially over my head, XY config). It's not a very portable solution, but it...
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    Why use expensive, good sounding cymbals?

    Because I don't own any crappy beginner cymbals and am not interested in buying any for something that is going to be temporary. And if I take off the jingles or whatever, I still have a good cymbal. It's not like I'm hurting the thing.