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    OCDP Newport 5pc

    So I was in the market for a new kit in the $1000 range. I wasn't to familiar with OCDPs mass produced kits so I did some research and found a even mix of positive and negative reviews (on a side note I didn't realize there are so many TB haters lol). This left me bewildered so I went to my...
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    New BD reso artwork & Onyx heads & Paiste crash

    Hey All, I updated my ddrum kit with new BD reso head and artwork. I created the design using photoshop and illustrator. It was printed on "car wrap" material used for advertising on cars, buses etc. Then, cut out and applied (wet) directly to the head. This is my second reso done this way and...
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    New recording gear

    Here's my Ddrum Dorian Ash in Redburst. I took some before & after pics pics while I was recording. 20x24 BD - EMAD2/EMAD Reso 9x13 MT - EC2/G1 CLR 14x14 FT - EC2/G1 CLR 14x16 FT - EC2/G1 CLR 7X14 SN - EC Rev Dot/Hazy 300 All Paiste Giant Beat for this session. 15" HHats 18" Multi 20" Multi...
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    Need to choose mic kit

    If you had to record with only one of these drum mic kits, which one would yo choose? They're all about the same price. Any feedback welcome. Thanks Audix Fusion 7 (3) F10 Snare/Tom Mics (1) F12 Floor Tom Mic (1) F14 Kick Drum Mic (2) F15 Overhead Condenser Mics {Phantom Power Required...
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    New Paiste Giant Beat Setup

    Here's my kit with my new cymbal setup. I decided to go with all paiste giant beat. The sound is totally what I've been looking for. I love their classic sound, versatility and looks. It's funny cuz I've always been a zildjian fan. I guess my ears have changed over the years. Any other zildjian...
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    My ddrum Setup

    Hey All, Here are some pics of my ddrum Ash Dorian taken before a gig. I am extremely happy with the quailty, finsh, and sound that ddrum produces. Specs 24x20 BD 13x8 MT 14x14 FT 16x14 FT 14x7 SN 54