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    Percussionist / Conga Question

    I’ve had wood and fiberglass congas. I like wood better, personally. If you’re trying to find a match for your 70s drum, good luck! Also, I really dig the LP “comfort rims” on my Matador congas. They are great! Also, I play a quinto and conga, rather than a conga and tumba combo. I like...
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    Anyone else despise flippers/dealers?

    I’ve bought and sold plenty on CL. I’ve bought kits for students, and have played “catch and release” numerous times, checking out and comparing gear. I, too, get upset with the CL vultures, especially when they snag a piece of gear I was genuinely searching for to try out. But, then again...
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    Best Evans heads for LM400?

    G1 over Hazy 300.
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    What size Supraphonic should I purchase?

    I love the body of the 6.5, but sometimes I want the snappiness of the 5. Both.
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    Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor

    14” floor tom, without a doubt!
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    Nice job! Great use of the paradiddle-diddle!
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    you can only pick two snare drums...

    Zombie thread! Good read! I think I had about 30 snares at the time. I'm down to 11 now. If I had to pick only two: Black Beauty 14x6.5 Pork Pie maple 14x6 While I love my 400, 402, 14x10 50s Leedy parade drum, Ludwig pre-serial Auditorium, DW 14x4, '97 Ludwig 14x6.5 Super Classic...
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    My Bongo Solo

    Great! Cool grooves, and very entertaining to watch! I can't wait to see more!
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    Anyone ever use your own mixer just for drums and then run a line to the snake/main sound board?

    That picture gives me anxiety. I'm able to run FOH sound easily, and I've done a "set it and forget it" situation with one of those small powered mixers with only knobs, running it from the drum kit...but having the whole rollable PA rig set up by the kit? *shudders* To answer your question...
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    Ludwig Rocker or PDP CX

    Yeah, they're annoying to gig with, but the kits sound great, regardless. I've got one set up in my teaching studio. As long as I'm not constantly tearing it down and setting it up, it's great! If I were to gig regularly with one, I would cut down the BD to a 22x14, and put floor tom legs on...
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    Ever bought a great-sounding kit with a finish you weren't too crazy about?

    Any time I've bought a kit with a "fade." For example, I love the Pacific CX/LX/MX kits, but the green to black or red to black fades aren't very appealing to me. Same with those sparkle to black fades. Not for me.
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    Vintage 60's 3ply Ludwig shell thickness

    1/4" The Poplar ply in the middle is 1/8" while the outer and inner plies, whether maple or mahogany, are each 1/16".
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    Noob Question: How Long to Wait Before Upgrading Cymbals

    It's a bummer to play on gear that doesn't inspire you. I would recommend upgrading to something you like as soon as reasonably possible. There are a LOT of different types of cymbals out there. Check out the cymbal selection at a music store to see what the different types of cymbals sound...
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    Toms: bass drum mount vs. stand mount

    I've got kits where the toms and kick sound GREAT when the toms are mounted on the bass drum. I've got a kit where the tom sounds fine but the bass drum sounds stifled. I've got another kit, still, where the rack tom doesn't sound its best unless it's flown in from a cymbal stand on a RIMS...
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    What do you take extra when gigging or touring

    Extra batter head for each drum, placed in the bottom of the case, batter side up. The drum seats on top of it. Other than that, an extra pair of drumsticks. Depending on the tour, and how much room we have in the van, I sometimes use a larger bass drum case and stuff my clothes in it, around...