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    Advice on a Ludwig Rock Concert

    Coliseums don't have snare beds either. They are made for your inner caveman.
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    Snare Sound

    I've seen several vids of him playing a Remo Powerstroke 77 Coated. That track sounds like it could be one as well.
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    Your snare formula

    I prefer deeper drums. I seem to get more body at higher tunings. I usually use S-Hoops on the batter but occasionally will use a diecast. It depends on the drum. As for heads, I usually use something with a dot on the batter side. I prefer coated CS Emperors but they are a special order. I...
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    S Hoops

    If you do a lot of rimshots, you will notice a big difference. It will some you a fortune on sticks too.
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    Your Ideal Snare Depth

    I prefer 7 or 8. I like the extra body at higher tunings.
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    Promark website

    I almost posted about this yesterday. It's ridiculous.
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    Best batter for a 26"

    It depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I like a Coated Powerstroke 4 batter and either a Smooth White Powerstroke 3 or Emperor for a reso.
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    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    No offense,man but your rhythm traveler "La Grange" vid was brutal. Why weren't YOU singing???
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    Lost gear...sigh

    I am a compulsive case counter. I count them at load in,in the staging area and load out. I fronted a metal band for 17 years. They drummer always used one of my kits. One night, I had to leave early from a local gig. The next week, I walked into the rehearsal space and automatically counted the...
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    Bo in the Devo tribute band!

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    INDe Aluminum snare?

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. Anyone have any experience with them?
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    Hey,Bermuda!...Evans question

    I've seen Glen Sobel refer to a prototype in a couple of videos. It's an ST with a dot. Do you have any idea if these might be going into production?
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    Good Deal!!! Those are nice snares and that's about $500 off the usual street price.
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    Larry does it again!

    The man just gifted me a 9x13 ,3-ply, Ludwig tom for a project I am slowly working on. Coolest guy on the internet. It will be paid forward.
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    One Man's Trash...

    One of my friends bought a new house and is cleaning out the storage room of his current place.. His late father and brother were drummers. He told me he had a bunch of miscellaneous pieces and parts and said I could have anything I wanted . I went to check it out on Saturday and ended up with a...