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    Found the secret to tuning drums!

    Ego. Most people figure their snare sounds so good to them that how could they possibly tune it any better or any other way. It's funny to me that most people won't try different tuning, intervals etc.
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    Heads for Ludwig Supraphonic

    Doesn't the ST have vent holes as well, except it's 2 ply?
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    Selling on Ebay vs. Reverb-Pros/Cons? Ebay is just atrocious for selling anymore..............

    I usually sell items for a higher price on Reverb but they sell faster on Ebay. As far as musical items, Ebay gets way more tire-kickers and low ball offers, Reverb has musicians mostly looking for good, quality gear and they will pay more.
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    Thoughts on Sabian Paragon hi-hats?

    This. I own 14" Paragons and this sums it up pretty nicely. Paragons are actually pretty affordable as well.
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    Wristwatch Metronome

    I played around with it at NAMM, seemed like a good idea but it wasn't for me. I prefer an audio reference over a tactile one when I'm playing.
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    Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

    The Bass O's cutting tool sucks. The blade isn't nearly sharp enough. The Fisker cutter looks like the answer though. Also, I cut my hole on the box the head came in.
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    Use acetone or alcohol before you put tape or stickers on. Or a light sanding with fine grit paper.
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    Anyone ever use one of these? A floor tom bracket that attaches to the rim

    I used these for a few years on my 14 , 16 FT's. They worked well, a slight splay but nothing too crazy. You need to account for the added diameter in your case. I got tired of having to use a key to adjust every time. I eventually drilled.
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    Looking for recommendations for lightweight cymbal stands.

    I love these stands as well. Very sturdy but pretty lightweight, single braced tripod, toothless tilters. A solid value.
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    They should really look at upgrading those. Is the hole spacing similar to any other spurs design they offer?
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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    You couldn't, unless you called around. But now you can with the internet so why wouldn't you use that information?
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    That Coral color is pretty bad. I really dig the digital Oyster for some reason.
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    I thought you did own a Neusonics kit? I remember asking about the spurs on these, they look pretty cheap.
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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    I disagree that it's being lazy. I think for person to walk into a store without knowing the market price for something is stupid. You wouldn't buy a car from a dealer and pay the window price without knowing what the competition is selling it for. I think brick and mortar stores need to adapt...
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    any thoughts on SJC drums?

    This. I see so many of these kits for sale that have bizarre features on them listed for $2500-3k and they sit forever. Not very resale friendly at all. I remember a thread on another board where people compared them to cake decorators, where you buy the cake already made and decorate all...