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    Tribute band

    Same here. I do like really good tribute bands, but I wouldn't want to be one. I won't do the opposite extreme either, which is play in a cover band that does a wide variety of music. Now those I neither enjoy nor want to be in. Just personal preference.
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    Bright vs. Dark cymbals

    I like both/either as long as there's a certain degree of dryness to them.
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    How many of you are self-taught?

    Self taught; drums, guitar, sex. It's different today than it was before the info age. I inevitably had to unlearn lots of bad habits, poor technique. On drums and guitar also.
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    Can't take PDP seriously somehow

    My concept maple kit was shipped to me with the DW reso head. I'm tempted to add a smaller custom made sticker that says by PDP.
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    I’ve gone and done it. No more suspended floor toms!

    You're right on both counts. Originally it was Viva la Floor Tom Legs! , and changed to Death to Hanging Floor Toms! in 2020.
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    Tama has heard our feedback and toned it down with this new finish

    <----- I was thrilled to find a Flat steel blue finish last year. I don't know what they're thinking with the nutty finishes at Tama; they're like a weird combination of 60s psychedelic and 80s glam. Talk about supreme confidence in your product's sound and quality.
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    Technique on the pad for analysis.

    If you had bad posture, that would be the only thing I can imagine causing problems in the long run. Is it possible practicing is causing elbow pain initially caused by something else? I'm not sure what we're looking for here, but as far as technique the only thing that stands out to me is maybe...
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    Moeller technique do you really need to master it?

    I always thought the exaggerated motion was meant to ensure your foundation for the technique is solid, and would therefore translate to doing the more practical motion properly at any speed.
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    Moeller technique do you really need to master it?

    This is why I specified that you naturally develop similar motions. Moeller may be natural but without intensely focusing on doing the motion "properly" I don't believe you'll get equal results from whatever similar motion you develop on your own. That's not to say that they wouldn't serve you...
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    Why use expensive, good sounding cymbals?

    Believe me, when assembling a stack, my cymbal search begins at the cheapest I can find, and I start working my way up basing my decision entirely on sound.
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    Darker Theme Possibility?

    This is a bit like like staring at a flashlight. Grey, light blue, tan, etc; any such light color is good. "Darker" is probably not the best adjective. Just less bright lol.
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    Moeller technique do you really need to master it?

    The Moeller technique is a natural, logical motion. I believe your mind and body will inherently develop something similar (to varying degrees) once you reach the limit of what is playable without such a technique. Moeller and other techniques are all about efficiency (just my opinion). Do you...
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    Beater opinions needed

    Axis Marksman beater is excellent. I also like Iron Cobra wood beaters. Something to consider, the sonic hammer was designed because on this particular Axis pedal regular beaters travel too far beyond the prime striking angle. So I wouldn't go with a flat beater or it will only exacerbate the...
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    Hearing Protection- What's Yours?

    Similar to these cheap ones I bought to wear under earmuffs when shooting. I get a quiet but very clear drum/cymbal sound with these alone.
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    Discussion: Dark sounds

    My K Custom Dark cymbals are not lower in pitch than Custom A (bright). Just as Larry's son said, the difference is the presence or lack of high overtones. Dark to me is another word for warm. Like drum heads, coated vs clear; same pitch but warm vs bright(er).