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    Band Set Up Woes Again. Grrrr

    Wow...crazy stuff. Glad that I haven't encountered much of that. Pretty much understood that nothing gets put on the stage area except stuff that needs to go there, in its proper place. Kinda have to build outward from the kit, c'mon folks. Sheesh. Good luck with that stuff
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    I Can't Drive 55 drum question

    I agree with the thought about the flanger...that's what it sounds like to me as well
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    Todd Sucherman class

    I had the good fortune to get to go to a master class taught by Todd Sucherman last night, and all I can say is WOW! What a great experience, and Todd is a class act. He is an amazing player, and just as amazing in his teaching style. Very engaging, easy to listen/watch, and to be able to...
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    Really psyched (and a little intimidated)

    Tonight I'm fortunate enough to get to go to a masters class by Todd Sucherman! Just 20 participants. Should be amazing. Just a little intimidated to perhaps have to play in front of him. Of course, I'll get over that, the chance to get to a class like this just amazes me. I'll update...
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    Lug Locks or Rimshot-Locs

    I've been struggling with getting my snare right. Replaced the heads and the snare wire. Messed with the tuning a lot. (Yes, I'm not great at it, even after many years. Learning!) This past weekend, I felt really good about the sound. Later in the gig, after a couple sets, the sound...
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    Paralysis by Analysis

    I've been drumming for a long time, closing in on 40 years now. So it's sad to admit how little i really know about drums, drumming and equipment. There's any number of examples of this, the one that spurred this thread is just trying to decide on what to buy to give my snare a tune up. The...
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    Great gig last night

    One of the bands I play in had a gig at one of our regular venues last night, and it was a lot of fun. I played better than I have in a while, and more consistently throughout the whole evening. Nothing earth-shattering, just sharper. I can't attribute it to any one thing, but I'm thinking...
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    New drum goodies from Santa?

    I only got a couple accessories (a gooseneck and a tablet holder for my mic stand) tho apparently there are a couple more items due to arrive, that shipping got backed up on. How did Santa treat everyone?
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    Shure PG56 vs SM57

    I've tried using the search function to find details here on the Shure PG56, with no luck. So I apologize if its been covered before.... I would like to lower the profile of my snare mic. Problem is my band leader is adamant about using a SM57 on the snare. Which I totally get, the 57 is the...
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    Overhead vocal mic stand for singing drummers

    I would appreciate getting some suggestions on brands/models of overhead mic stands for singing drummers. I haven't had a whole lot of success googling them, or checking the usual online sources. Perhaps I'm not using the correct terminology, or I'm looking for something that doesn't exist :)...
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    Solution for multiple bands, with a band logo'd kick head?

    I have a pretty nice band logo'd kick drum head. OK, its kind of plain in design, but I like it. Regardless, it has the band name on it. A couple of us from that band are starting a "side-project", which will have some different members, and a different band name. Other than changing out the...
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    rock guy learning country

    A couple of guys in my current band are gonna start a side project with a some friends we know, and we'll be playing some modern country songs as part of this project. (Not a completely country band, more of a variety group for bars and such.) In our current band we have a couple country songs...