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    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    I'd love to find a way to put my roto-toms in place easily. Spacing those in is such a challenge. I'd like a set of chimes, same issue, how do i squeeze them into a bar band kit set up? An electronic pad or two would be fun, for effects. In addition to the space issue, then there's the...
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    COVID and Creativity

    We're just a weekend bar band, but we've managed to do some creative stuff thru the down time. We did two live shows on FB to try and raise money for one of our local clubs, and we've been working on a bunch of original material. Enough that we're gonna probably try and put together a CD. We...
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    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    I would certainly try to get it as close as possible. If you can get to note-for-note, why not? Once you own it that way, your own style inevitability will shine through at some point. I went through this at a much, much smaller scale. I joined a local band just after they finished...
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    Better to be diverse or specialize?

    I think its always good to branch out into different genres and styles, it can only versatility to whatever you're playing. Of course, if you're looking to be at the highest levels professionally, you would undoubtedly need to specialize. I still think that learning other styles when possible...
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    I am (or at least was, pre 'Rona) a working weekend dive bar drummer. I'm not what anyone would consider to be an advanced drummer, I view myself as competent. There are many, many better drummers than me in our little geographical circle, and that's just in the folks I see playing out. It's...
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    Should I stay or should I go....

    My first thought is will you be able to stand it, not being involved in the booking, the lights, the logistics...? I ask, because I know that some folks simply are wired to be involved in the organization and running of things. (The guitar player in our bands, for instance.) Will it drive you...
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    In ear monitor under 150 dollars.

    I'm gonna try the KZ's next time I order some...I've been using 215's and they're more than sufficient for what I need. I use the Rolls 351 amp, and its also very capable. Decent stuff for a budget system. My Rolls has been going strong every weekend for 5 years now...
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    Shipping Nested Drum Shells

    This has been very enlightening...I picked up a kit last year that I'd like to flip. It's not worth a bunch, but it ought to be of interest for someone. (If I can get even a few hundred bucks, that'll go towards new cymbals, lol.) I was trying to decide if it would even be worth trying to...
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    Good in ear amplifier for drummers

    I use the Rolls 351, its simple, basic and works great. Less than $100
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    I need help..not with drumming, but 'being in a band'.

    We were doing that last year (learning a new song individually and playing it cold at a gig), and into the beginning of this year (before Covid). It was a lot of fun. We were playing so often that we really didn't rehearse. Since Covid, we've actually gone to rehearsing once a week, working...
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    A Drummer's Most Important Quality

    Along with the other responses, "consistency" is of great value. Of course that applies to everyone in the band, but probably more so the drummer than everyone else
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    Happy Birthday Ringo

    Saw him live 2 or 3 years ago. Still amazing.
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    My wish for a Band

    I can't see what GruntersDad was referring to in the original post (likely has to do with what our work systems will allow on the system), but I'm a big fan of brass... This weekend, a friend posted a YouTube video of a version of Cult Of Personality by a group called Brass Against... I was...
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    What Songs Do Audiences React Best To ?

    Blitzkrieg Bop! Love it! Funny thing, we have often gone from Fortunate Son into the guitar solo from Freebird, as well. Especially covering the Foo Fighters version of Fortunate was so obvious, we all looked at each other and off we went!
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    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    I can form all the major chords, many of the minor ones, and play rudimentary rythmn. Poorly. I wish I played better, but like many things, I haven't put the time in to improve any significant amount. I play bass better than guitar. Keyboard about the same level as guitar, rudimentary...