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    True confessions..older and slooower

    1. Pulling my fingers back, collectively, with the opposite hand. 2. Stretching my wrist the other way, pulling with opposite hand. 3. Right arm straight out, palm facing left. Make a fist, but with the thumb inside the fist, then gently "roll" your fist forward/downward, feeling the stretch at...
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    True confessions..older and slooower

    Do you stretch? I’m 44 and I *need* to warm up now - it’s not optional. Been using Great Hands for a Lifetime to do so, though, to get through it, I need to warm up and stretch for 5-10 minutes first.
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    Straight or shuffle?

    Shuffles are fun to play, for sure! What type of tunes do your cover bands play? We can suggest tunes that would fit in terms of genre and/or decade, that have shuffle grooves.
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    Playing doubles on kick drum

    Most of the time, I'd agree with this. But in my own playing, it got to the point where the first stroke wouldn't open up the gate on the bass drum channel. The first stroke was just barely touching the head. My recommendation is to develop two techniques. If you want a more "even" double...
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    A guide to drum books

    Tough to make a recommendation without knowing your skill level and goals. What music do you like to play? What do you want to play better? I usually start off students with Time Functioning Patterns by Gary Chaffee, as we work on coordinating the bass drum against right hand patterns. Solid...
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    How to manage a band?

    [ The biggest thing is to get everybody to update the shared calendar to include dates they won’t be available. That way, you can say yay or nay, after quickly consulting the band calendar. I hope your band mates are tech-savvy and personally well-organized!
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    How to manage a band?

    Google calendars can be exported/linked to iCal. There are other apps for scheduling (our group uses Master Tour), but I think Google would be simpler/easier. Dropbox beats Google for file-sharing, though.
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    Having a hard time

    If they’re a good group, they’ll be able to see that, if you don’t have it 100%, you will in the near future. In my last group I was singing a ton of backups, to the point where it was a coordination challenge. The only way I got through it was to slow way down, and repetitively address the...
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    Having a hard time

    If a guitar player can strum chords, or play a riff, while singing this tune, then you can manage a drum beat while singing, too. Practice slow, and you’ll learn fast. Slow the tune down, and figure out when syllables line up with drum hits, or fit between. It’s a big project, for sure, but...
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    I'm just finding this out NOW?!!!!!

    The Rudimental Logic DVD spells it out, if you can find that.
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    Help with stick control again

    I'm late to this discussion, and I won't go against this advice... But I do think it would really help the OP to explore throw-catch, at super slow speed, in order to build the necessary wrist and finger coordination and motion. All due respect to Xstr8, but I'm skeptical that this will "evolve"...
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    Seeking advice for personal monitor station

    You can use a 4 mixer, and a separate DI box that has a mic thru, for your vocal.
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    Floor Tom Sustain

    You can tune the 14X14 differently to reduce its sustain. Tune the top head down and the bottom head up, or vice versa. It may help to use a 2-ply reso head, depending on your tuning approach.
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    Help! Yamaha EAD 10

    So you are sending a signal from the mixer, into the aux input of the EAD10? If so, then yes, this signal from the mixer will go to the outputs of the EAD10, along with the signals from the mics on the EAD10. The headphone output on the EAD10 should have the same blend of signals.
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    Presence of mind when playing

    Man, the only problem you have, is that you don’t have a group to jam with. You know how you know when you’ve got a song down? When you play that song in rehearsal, three times in a row, no mistakes. If your band can do that, you’ll have a bare minimum of troubles on the gig. Part of the issue...