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    I Let It GET AWAY !

    I am really hating myself today. GC had a slightly used 6 pc 2018 Gretsch USA Custom kit in a natural finish in the sizes I like for sale for ONLY $2495 and I let it get away. It even had a matching snare with the Micro-Sensitive throw off. My dream kit at a very low price. I already have...
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    Describe the SONOR Sound Please...

    Everyone knows about the Gretsch sound and if you've played a lot of Ludwig Drums you get to know their unique sound, but what about SONOR? I was looking at getting a used Sonor Phonic Rosewood kit in standard sizes and I am wondering what they sound like? I checked out Youtube - not too much...
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    MATT BETTIS Cymbals ???

    I'm looking for a left side ride cymbal for mostly jazz and I would like to know what people think about Matt Bettis cymbals? I currently have a 22" Constantinople Med ride & a Meinl Byzance 21" Transition Ride. I was thinking about a Zildjian K Custom Left Side Ride and I came across the...
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    How Much Better is Yamaha Tour Cust vs Absolute Hybrid???

    I want to get a Yamaha Maple drum set. I really like the Absolute Hybrid Maple set and can get one for about $2800. which is a good price for it. BUT the Tour Custom maple is only $1300 & it's a nice sounding kit too. I'm having trouble with the idea of paying more than twice as much for the...
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    Who Does Best Re-Wrap Job in N. Orleans Area?

    I have two old Ludwig 5 pc kits that I want to have re-wrapped by somebody that really knows what they are doing. One of the kits was already re-wrapped, but it's bubbling up all over the place. I don't want to make that same mistake so I'm looking all over the Greater New Orleans metro area for...
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    Need Advice on Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute Please

    I have a chance to get a used six piece (3 up, 2 down & bass) set of Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute and I need your advice. They are asking about $1200 and describe them as fair condition. There aren't enough other similar kits out there to help me to figure out what the average price would be...
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    Difference Between Ludwig Keystone & Keystone X ??

    I did a google search & came up with nothing. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Keystone & the Keystone X by Ludwig? ....Thanks
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    Anyone Heard the New Tama SLP Kapur Or Studio Maple Kit?

    Has anyone heard the new Tama SLP Kapur kit and if so how would you describe the way they sound? Or has anyone heard the new Tama SLP Studio Maple kit? They look nice and have me tempted to get one of the two. Thanks
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    HITTING Sticks together Accidentally ?

    I have a problem where my sticks collide while playing. It even happens when I'm just playing on a practice pad. What am I doing wrong? and How do I correct this problem?? THANKS
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    Fair price new Ludwig Legacy Maple 4 pc 2 up 1 dn?

    What would be a fair price to pay for a new Ludwig Legacy Maple 4 piece (2 up 1 down)? I know that full retail is $7250.00 but that is a crazy price that nobody charges. I've seen 3 pc for sale for about $3000.00 I really want them, but I can't justify $4400. for a 4 pc drum set on my budget...
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    Just Came From Terrible Audition - I sucked!

    I only had three songs to learn, but they had a lot of stops in places u wouldn't always expect & I had never heard them before. The audition room was small & hot with a fan blowing. It was just the bass player & me playing along to a "re-make" version of the songs minus the drums, bass, &...
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    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    With modern electric drums advances, why don't many professional drummers use an electric kit when playing live?
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    Attach Cymbal & Access to Ludwig Set w Mini lugs?

    I have a Ludwig Centennial drum set (26,18,16,14) that came with the Mini Lugs on bass drum and toms. I see pictures of Ludwig sets where cymbal arms & other accessories are attached to the drums. I like the idea of having less cymbal stands all around my set. Can this be done to a Ludwig set...
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    Why did Ludwig change from 3-ply To 6-ply ?

    In about 1976-77 Ludwig changed from their 3-ply maple shell to a 6-ply maple shell - But why? All the other drum companies did the same thing. Why? How did this change the way the drum sounds? I have a 1979 6-ply Ludwig Classic Maple set 26/14/16/18 and I wonder how the 3-ply version from a...
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    New Ludwig Legacy 3 ply vs vintage 3 ply?

    Does anybody have a set of the newer Ludwig Legacy Maple 3 ply and compared the sound to the 1963 - 1976 3-ply maple kits? What difference in sound - if any? Which one would you rather have? Thanks