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    Making some progress with doubles

    Great post! I like how you broke down the steps that you needed to take to improve, it's important to be able to see those steps on your own. One point you made though that I think a bit differently on is about always practicing with a metronome. Although a metronome is important to gauge...
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    The Wheel of Rhythm

    Hey thanks! I have seen that before but it looks like an incredible independence workout! Yeah, it's the same concept as ours. Thanks for sharing
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    The Wheel of Rhythm

    Yeah that's a great idea. That's actually the purpose of the wheel! You can assign any rhythm you want to a limb and then trade it off with the rhythms played by the other limbs. Try it with 1/4, 1/8, 1/3, 1/16 and see how it feels. I'll try it out as well and maybe post a video here,
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    The Wheel of Rhythm

    Hi C.M. Glad you enjoy it. Yes, that is the idea behind this concept, to allow us to develop our coordination to a level where we can learn new coordinations/styles quite easily. Happy practicing!
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    Brush playing

    Look up Ed Soph brushes on YouTube! He has a 7-part series that breaks down the mechanics behind getting a smooth sound. Ed Soph has taught some of the great drummers of our era, so I would consider this series to be a definitive one. The videos are 6-8 minutes long each and so the series is...
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    The Wheel of Rhythm
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    The Wheel of Rhythm

    Below is a blog article I published this week on my website, and that was co-written with a friend of mine who also teaches at my studio. It is an exercise that can be practiced anywhere, and that will greatly improve your 4-way coordination. ---------------------- The Wheel of Rhythm The...
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    Critique my practice routine

    Great practice routine! But where is the drum groove practice? I would definitely add in some time working on drum grooves. Listening to your favourite drummers and trying to cop their ideas. Or working out of books, there are a ton. Gary Chaffee's "Linear Drumming", or his book "Time...
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    The Charley Wilcoxon Challenge

    Any are good, and there are lots of versions of each solo online. #6 is an easier one, so you could start there. Or just go from the beginning!
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    Permutating the Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual

    Check out my latest article on permutating the Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual. This is part 2 of the series
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    How to Maximize Your Rudimental Potential

    Here is a video I made to accompany an article I wrote about applying rudiments to the drumset. In the video I do over a dozen applications and used the Swiss Army Triplet as the example rudiment. There are an infinite amount of ways to apply a single rudiment, but the ones I present in the...
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    12 Minutes to Stronger Hands

    Part 3 of my video series "Improving the Weaker Hand" is up and apparently features me dancing the salsa! Click the link to read the article and to check out the videos.
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    The Charley Wilcoxon Challenge

    I wrote this blog post and made a Youtube video about why I think that Charley Wilcoxon was such a genius snare drum composer. Charley Wilcoxon is my absolute favourite snare drum composer, and is a favourite of drummers worldwide. Today I wanted to talk about why I appreciate the work that...