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    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    In my opinion Promark 5BS are one of the greatest sticks, The reliability and the durability on it is amazing! The feel of them is extremely nice too!
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    How did you pick your favorite sticks?

    I use Promark 5Bs I needed a drumstick that didn't break easily, due to my hard hitting and playing. Its my favorite because of the weight, density, and the sound it produces. I suggest everyone getting some promark sticks they'll last you months lol
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    What are the best snare heads for an 80's hard rock tone?

    I'll will definitely check that head out, Thanks man!
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    Introducing myself

    Hi, My name is Brandon. I am a 15 year old drummer from Las Vegas, NV. I've been playing drums around 2 years and I love playing. My biggest influences are: - Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) - Nick Menza (Megadeth) -(Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) and a bunch of other bands that are within the Metal/Hard Rock...
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    Hard Rock Cymbals

    I play a lot of Hard Rock and some metal. I am getting new cymbals and Im wondering what would suit me. Im having trouble because I dont like extremely thin cymbals. I've been playing around 2 years so I think it's time to get new cymbals. I'm just wondering what cymbals are nice and heavy...
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    What are the best snare heads for an 80's hard rock tone?

    I hit really hard, I notice there is dents right in the middle of the snare drum, which is usually where I hit every time. I use a lot of force when hitting the drum and that usually brings out a lot of tone, What im trying to say is, Im gonna get a new snare head, so I was wondering what I...
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    What are the best snare heads for an 80's hard rock tone?

    I have a Evans Coated snare head, and a clear ambassador snare side head, My snare sounds basically like trash. I've tried my best to tune it, and I think maybe the snare head is worn out? I'd like to know what the best hard rock tones for snares you can get
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    Feeling exhausted when drumming..

    Well sometimes when you play drums it’s all about your technique, for instance if you’re using every limb to play a different part it’ll be tiring, also playing drums is a good way to start your day not end it. I suggest playing hours that are good for you and maybe getting good exercise to be...