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    Lost software disc for Roland SPD-SX!!! What can I do?

    I recently received a Roland SPD-SX pad this Christmas, but the wave manager software disc that came with it with all of the files has been lost. Is there anywhere I can download them online or buy replacement software? Thank you
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    Practicing Drumset Solo Transcriptions?

    Hey everyone, I'm having a lot of trouble learning this drumset transcription--well, transcriptions in general really. I'm doing Jojo Mayer's Performance 3, and while it's not a chops issue (mostly) I'm struggling to get the music in my head. Like, if i were practicing a marimba piece, in time...
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    Upgrading pedal- which one?

    Hey everyone, lately I've noticed my somewhat rickety Pearl powershifter p02 just can't quite keep up. I have a style much like jojo mayer, but i am also heavily training on my double bass this semester. I'm looking for a top line double bass pedal. I've been using a friend's DW 7000 for a bit...
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    Drum recording w/ Digimax D8, can it plug into computer directly?

    I'm putting together a list of what I need to start up my own drum/percussion studio. I'm looking to buy a digimax D8 preamp and use Logic Pro. I just can't figure it all out though. Can a digimax D8 or something like it plug directly into a computer where I can mix and EQ? or do I need another...
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    Best Foot/double bass DVD?

    I'm looking to buy a dvd series that will help me train and work my feet and improve technique. Much like a foot version of Jojo Mayer's "secret weapons." Any ideas?
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    What heads for deep sound- Gretsch 18"

    Hey Everyone, I have a Gretsch Catalina club drumset. I just love my little baby bass (18") and I love how I can get a killer drum n' bass and jazz sound out of it. But I want to tune it down to get a fuller, more bass-heavy tone. I know there's only so much you can do with 18" (width that is)...
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    How to make small drums sound bigger, fuller, warmer? (Gretsch Catalina)

    Hey everyone, My drum kit is a Gretsch Catalina. It's a glorious little guy, with an 18" bass to boot. It sounds pretty good miked, and, provided there's good acoustics in the room, sound good unmiked. My only issue is it... often doesn't. I got my carpet removed and I'm seeing the whole...
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    How to make drums warmer in concrete room?

    Hey everyone. Boy have I underappreciated my basement carpet. It got removed due to water damage. And my otherwise-gorgeous sounding Gretsch Catalinas now sound like airy, obnoxious, high-pitched trash cans. And the bass feels like crap-- not to mention new-found slapback. My quesiton is, how...
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    Hihat feels too hard and tight when hit. Tips?

    This question is a bit hard for me to articulate, and one I couldn't find answers to anywhere. When i play my Sabian hihat closed, it just feels so darn hard tight on my hands. It has holes in the bottom, so I don't think it's air pressure. It's not about me pressing do hard. It just feels so...