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    Playing as if you are listening?

    Watching Gavin I need to go over it a couple of times. He very relaxing yet interesting. I can't comment on it particularly YET. He reminded me of a more upbeat Paul Mcartney.
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    Playing as if you are listening?

    I remember Steve Gadd once saying he tries to think of things that DONT bring attention to the drums. That was profound to me.
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    Have your Idols followed you?

    Any of you ever watch Porcaros DVD where he says...( I stole that lick) from this..that..and the other drummer. Personally I thought that was very big..and humble of Jeff to mention it that bluntly. He made me feel better in admitting everything ive stolen/taken from obvious influences.
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    Playing as if you are listening?

    I'm getting better but in my youth I tried to be Ian Paice on EVERYTHING. He was detrimental to me at one point yet my biggest inspiration. I to had to simplify to the point where I was thinking this! isn't Ian!. I almost had to be deprogrammed!
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Without music you think these guys are a force to be aware of. With the Bee Gees tune your mind thinks we all need to go have some saki and laugh over this.
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    Playing as if you are listening?

    One of the worst moments of my drumming life was when the best local band in the area were not actually auditioning but seeking a drummer. Loooooong story short I end up jamming with Freight..the most kick azz band. During the jam which lasted for hours I kept thinking I was the coolest thing...
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    Have your Idols followed you?

    Today out of the blue after all this time! I'm wondering who played drums on Harrisons What is life. I'm thinking Porcaro. I look it up and see Jim Gordon!. Odd how I'm thinking Jeff when Jeff has many times mentioned Gordon as a big influence. When I hear Claptons Forever man I hear Gordon Big...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Not really a purchase yet but I just shipped my 6x13 gold-n-times acrylic shell to precision for drilling and hardware.
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    Your first club

    Back in the day I can't tell! you how many times that's happened.
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    Your first club

    Bermuda..did you ever do the Holiday Inn circuit?
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    Ludwig classic maple with remo blackdots

    Do I remember Carmine Appice in Modern Drummer holding a ludwig rocker head package?.didnt he use silver dots for awhile?Were rockers just the weight 1000? In whatever style of head you used?
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    '78 Pearl Vari-Pitch

    Is that what they use to make bloom in onions at Outback?
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    Your first club

    Where was your first real the building still standing today? or do you drive by a floral shop. Is there one club you never played and wanted to. Anyone go on to big things from your neck of the woods?.
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    China Cymbal Tilts Too much

    I use that on my 22 2002 ride. It acts as a gary gauger rims mount for your ride. Beautiful.
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    Reuniting with my band from 20 years ago

    DIO..F'ing spell check!