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    Maybe I am old but I just don’t understand this

    Is this a forum food fight?. Good or bad I need a forum to get advice on particular cymbals gear etc. This info is priceless to me. Food fights?..i just duck and run.
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    Maybe I am old but I just don’t understand this

    There are slight defects and there is blatant disregard for customers who spend hard earned dough shipping instruments that are not even worthy of being sold at a pawn shop. THAT makes my blood boil and anyone in the way is in the way of a freight train. I LIKE taking care of things personally...
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    Dire Straits 'Calling Elvis' with Noble & Cooley/Istanbul Agop content

    I may be missing something but I've listened your grooves befor and why the Porcaro brothers haven't hooked up with you post Jeff is a mystery. I know about other drummers doing the Toto thing but I'm dumbfounded why I haven't seen a Whitten/Toto experience. Certainly not just because you might...
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    Dire Straits 'Calling Elvis' with Noble & Cooley/Istanbul Agop content

    Wonderful to see Dr. Whitten set up his groove for the Strait gang. I know the audience loved it to. Rock on Dr.
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    It's nice to hear!

    Don't know if I'd get on with in ears. I might feel a bit alienated. I want a bit of everything generally with attention to vocals and more bass guitar
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    This trend of adding objects onto playing surfaces...

    Is it a Christmas tree topper from an episode of hoarders?
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    My favorite Moon?..lots..but young man blues from Live at Leeds showed me that energy and a hint of reckless abandon make up for a degree from Berkley. He made (me) think I had a fighting chance. Thank-you for that Keith..lots of love man.
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    If I was you I'd have lived a much better less turmoil filled life. I applaud your outlook. Me?..i hear (a) sound and if it's not achieved its always second best. I am......under a mild curse.
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    Istanbul agop.

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    My band an original

    I don't drink bourbon but I'll take one on the rocks right now sitting by myself just getting lost in some real blues baby.
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    Disappointed with Pearl Roadshow

    I've read about your situation and not taking it lightly it sounds near comedic. No! One has THAT amount of flaws in one kit..its as if you were on what would YOU do. I would be near livid! that I received that nightmare. Keep us posted on the situation. I'm almost ticked myself!.
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    The reason for the Gretsch sound?

    I'm just wandering through YouTube this afternoon and clicked on a Vinnie opens his new Gretsch kit. It was this freaking drop dead beautiful semi cobalt blue. He taps on a floor tom and let me tell you..great gretsch sound?...OH YA.
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    Tom and snare rims

    Is Bernie still with us?. He did some edge and snarebed work on a 6x14 stave shell I sent him. The work was flawless..immacculate.
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    Great art comes from great pain

    Grew up without a father..which was rough and yet my Double stroke STILL sucks!.
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    I'm not sure? but doesn't Chris Whitten own a vineyard?. I'm a big! fan of ipa's. Cannot! Do whiskey..bourbon..tequilla I've had some reds I've tolerated. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the white I like. Oh well. I was feeling NO pain when I posted the Istanbul...