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    Tell me of your top snares Usul

    I don't like enough snaredrums to OWN 15 or 20. I like 13" snare drums and only then if they don't sound like an auxiliary drum. I like precious few 13" drums but of all the snaredrums that get me excited the FEW have been 13's. favorite now is the D.W. 5.5x13 3mm aluminum snare. I'm...
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    I saw my first black bear today

    Run after! Him..catch! Him befor someone else! does. Give it some French fries and bring him in your house. I think bears will eat fries...let us know.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Jeff Beck PUMP...Simon Phillips drums.
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    Three or Four Hours

    Varies..starting a band..3 hours give or take. Once you've got your 40 tunes or so it's 90 minutes or less but I'm usually involved with people that talk and talk. I usually skate when everything is fairly solid.
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    K Constantinople vs Foundry Reserve

    Ok..just listened to some foundry reserves courtesy of Memphis drumshop. Crash?mmm no. Ride?..OH YA. Hats? I liked them because they had a nice strong cut even while playing them with the shoulder...THAT is my litmus test.
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    The Perfect Movie

    Point break..breakfast land for old men.
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    K Constantinople vs Foundry Reserve

    Oh guys are gettin me ancy to thumb a ride over to YouTube and listen to some foundrys. See ya later.
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    Carter Mclean

    I ordered a pair to test drive with my 24 ride. My fave was Vinnies stick forever. The Carter stick initially was mmm..not sure I like it. That was a couple weeks ago. Everyday I go down and A/B the Vinnie and Carter and each day the Carter is growing on me. It's weird because you have to learn...
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    Multiple bounce roll technique

    Sounds great..can you help calm my blood pressure?..that is NOT a Brady 7x13 sheoak block snare..please say no.
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    Stolen Drums

    All this time? and I could have lived post regretless!?. Oh god. You've just given me a new lease on life!. MrinsanePolack your a godsend. In my best Chris so stupid!.
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    Stolen Drums

    Ya know?..ever post something and moments later think damn..i could have worded that better. In this case a bit less aggressive?. Something closer to..honey?..have you put my drums somewhere? the answer of WHY don't you ask your girlfriend!. Or something closer. I've got post remorse quite...
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    Jim Gordon

    Can't remember the clip on YouTube but Andy Newmark and Jim were close. Andy mentioned that Jim didn't want freedom. This was a fairly recent clip..fairly. It sheds more light on the subject. I remember Jeff Porcaro loving his playing. Jeff on Claptons Forever man was Jeff doing his Gordon...
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    Dr. Steve Gadd touring drummer for James Taylor in 2021

    I hope he doesn't screw the tempos up on everything or start the wrong opening tune. People in attendance would think Bozozoid?.
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    Where are you technically supposed to sit on your throne?

    I sit near the edge. I have the roc-n-soc round seat with the doughnut type center and hate the part of my rear that sort of falls into that section. Hate it.
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    Stolen Drums

    One more time!..wheres my drums!.bitch!. She meant nothing! To me.