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    AAX 'Praise and Worship' ??? Are these same as other cymbals?

    So I'm buying my first decent cymbal setup and I love hearing the AAX cymbals. They fit my style quite well and the value of the bundle is good. I've found 2 AAX bundles both are very similar, one is labeled the 'Praise and Worship' pack designed for church music. They both have X-Plosion...
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    Which pedal to buy??

    My current options. 1. Used Iron Cobra 900 $149 2. New Iron Cobra 600. $129 3. New DW 3000 (part of 3000 hw pack) All 3 in budget, need other hardware but buying sale items fromTama and others for HH stand and cymbals stands and a used Pearl 900 snare stand. I just want to really pick the...
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    Help picking new kit

    Mapex makes black nickel drum hardware, looks pretty cool
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    Help picking new kit

    I'm in the same position, I'm buying a kit now that'll last me awhile and that will grow as I advance in skill. Finish is important, not everything but it affects things. I'm still deciding but my mind has switched from no kit to kit. 5 piece then 7 piece, brand A to brand B, hardware options...
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    Practice routine

    Right now I practice mostly on a pad. I save some YouTube vids on stick control and other exercises that I play with. I also have some stuff written down, but I go through all my basic rudiments/strokes at different tempos with metronome and then work on different accents when I play them. This...
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    Should I buy a pa speaker?

    Just my .02, but I like playing to songs too. I'm setting up a new drum room and plan on getting an LG 300 watt shelf speaker system. It's around $100 and has wired and wireless connectivity. The 2 speakers can be setup wherever for stereo sound. It has plenty of amplified sound and bass for a...