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    WFD World Finals 2012 is ON!!!

    It's Spring Time and time to get those lawn mowers tune and ready to go! Do You Have What it Takes to be THE WORLD’S FASTEST DRUMMER?? PROVE IT! NAMM International announces the twelfth outing to find the ‘World’s Fastest Drummer’. This highly charged Interactive Event is a feature at this...
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    WFD-UK comp @ Bell Percussion London!

    WFD-UK competition is going on all month of November in London at Bell Percussion. Finals will held Dec 10th with many grand prizes including a Sonor Drumset! For more information contact Bell Percussion at Who is the fastest drummer in UK? Get those British lawn...
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    Miss WFD 2011 Announced

    Please fellows don't be fooled by the looks, but here is Miss WFD 2011 and I know...but can she.....? Just please check her out at WFD loves DrummerWorld :) Boo