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    Worst sounding drum track you have ever heard?

    John Lennon's debut/solo 1st album "Plastic Ono Band" especially "Cold Turkey", The snare sounds like the head is barely on the shell &the snares themselves are barely touching the bottom , So "wet" sounding IMHO humble opinion THE worst drum 🥁 sound ever recorded, I'd also add The Beatles "Come...
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    low hi-hat stands.

    G'day, Does anyone know of any brand of hi-hat stands where you can lower the cymbals to be level (height wise) to your snare stand?, Might etc appear etc strange, unusual&weird, BUT if the cymbals (height) are set up high (or normal position) , I get both cramp&fatigue in my arm&wrist, If it's...
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    Musicians "gigs"/jobs websites/apps.

    G'day, & Hny to all me DW mates! :), Love&peace to all! :)Are/is there "muso's wanted"/gigs/jobs either apps or websites?. I.e. here in Melbourne we have a website called " Aus/Melband". Where band's/muso's place "available/wanted ads.As I'm seriously contemplating/thinking about a permanent...
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    I have a problem hearing the music I'm playing along/practicing to for auditions over the drums.I constantly gotta stop to hear if I'm in time, playing the fills in the right spots&endings. I've just recently bought a pair of Shure SE215 but they're NOT loud enough even with volume turned way...
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    Ludwig Australian importer.

    Apparently according to a local Melbourne Australia Ludwig dealer, There's at time of writing not a local (Australian) Ludwig importer, Can anyone shed some light/assist&help with this?, I'll check there (Ludwig's) website.
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    Ludwig American made hardware.

    Can any Ludwig "expert" (someone who's a endorser or employee/distributor), Tell me what series I.e. NEW Atlas, Modular & 60s-80s Atlas&Hercules were either 100% made in USA?.
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    4th of july/independence day.

    To ALL me " yanky" DW mates happy 4th of july&independence day!!!!!, Hope "yáll" are having a beaut, bonza&grouse day!!!!!! :).
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    Remo Controlled sound smooth white

    Where's the best place to buy above?, Specifically looking for:13, 14, 18-24".
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    Live music bars/clubs in North Bend WA/Seattle.

    G'day to all my fellow DrummerWorld mates worldwide, especially those from North Bend WA &Seattle/Wahington. As i'm visiting your country for the very 1st time(&very 1st ever overseas trip) next month.Is there any famous live music bars, clubs either in North Bend, Seattle i could either walk to...
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    Drummers who use a 24" ride but smaller drum sizes.

    Is there any famous/well known drummers who use a 24" ride but DON'T use a 26" kick or 'Bonham" sizes?.As i used to subscribe to the attitude/opinion/view point that if you have&use 'Bonham" sized cymbals you HAVE TO &MUST also use "Bonham" sized drums!.Attempting&trying to find...
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    Hand /practicing problems.

    G'day to all my fellow drummer "mates" from around the world especially from here in Melbourne Australia! :).Happy halloween to me yanky mates! :).My problems are: 1 -physical i.e. my rh gets sore&tired even when using 7A sticks, i DONT both play fast or hard fastest tempo would be "Whipping...
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    Jeff Porcaro's Bozz Scaggs setup.

    Does anyone know Jeff Porcaro's setup(cymbals, drums, heads) he used with Boz Scaggs both live&in the studio?.
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    19"length/long/Michael Lee drumsticks.

    Who made(&still does make) both 19" L (length)/Michael Lee drumsticks?, So far ALL i can /could find is Regal Tip Alex Van Halen model at 17.75" L! :(.
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    Ludwig Epic

    What current/recent series Ludwig's replaced the Epic series?, &Did they(Ludwig) ever make a 10x14" mounted/rack tom &a 26" kick in this series?, What about a "Bonham" pack?.
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    Ginger Bakers Ludwig sticks&kick drum muffling.

    Does anyone know what model Ludwig sticks he used with Cream?, & what type&brand of drumhead will give me a sound similiar to that of using rolled up towels towards the resonant side ?.