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    20" Kick no power

    I have a theory that each kick has a magic combination that makes it sound best. I had managed to get a nice sound from a 16" Breakbeats kit by experimenting with heads (batter and reso). For that one the best was a PS3 and Aquarian Regulator reso - I was surprised how much difference the reso...
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    Promark stick length

    Here's one music store that seems to have done their own measurements (or maybe they got the info from the previous Promark site)[]=Pro Mark Strangely for one of the models they have weighed both sticks and got...
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    How to notate hitting a drum with two sticks at the same time (NOT a flam)?

    How about not L or R, but U for Unison? I have seen that I think
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    Snare dampers

    Another popular 'clean' method that works well is to cut a 1" ring from an old head and lay it on top, around the edge of the head. That will cut overtones out. You can even buy pre-cut rings for this (for example Evans E-Rings) If the circle results in too much dampening then just cut it to...
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    Promark stick length

    That is odd isn't it? Some folks here noticed that their website is pretty confusing on specs: However I can confirm that Promark's 5A is exactly 16" long, just like everybody else's. The problem is not the...
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    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    Mine is the Tama SLP Dry Aluminium. Versatile sound, nicely built, great value. (Actually, since I put a coated Emperor on it the other week, it sounds just like my Supra...)
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    Stage Custom Birch owners: do your shells have one badge or two?

    I have a current generation Stage Custom from late last year. Both of my rack toms have two badges each, both of my floor toms have one badge each.
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    LM402 tuning driving me crazy

    Fritz, I am sorry to hear about this. It really seems like you tried everything to get this drum to sound how you want. I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been. I feel like we've all gone through this with you. You are not alone brother! Let us know what you decide to do...
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    Double bass

    Larry, I think it's great that you're trying double bass. Your continuous limitless journey through drumland is an inspiration :-) My story is that I liked the idea of a double pedal so I got one, about 20 years ago. I had gone to an audition where I didn't get the gig, and the band said...
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    "Gospel Chops"...I just don't get it.................

    Me too. This stuff is totally righteous! The gospel stuff is a style like any other. You don't have to like it but I think it's great to listen to, and there's a lot of pretty inspiring playing IMO. Sure I don't get the chance to use something like that on a gig very often, but if I got a...
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    Replacing Stock Heads

    A quick google suggests the Mapex Mars are birch shells, in which case I would suggest clear Remo Emperors or Pinstripes on top and clear Remo Ambassadors on the bottom for toms. The emperors will have a balanced round sound with a little more sustain, the pinstripes will sound 'thicker' with a...
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    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Nice! I'll have to try mine out too!
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    Mapex black panther fastback 12x7

    It will sound great. I have done gigs with a 12x5 maple snare as my main snare. I have tried that Black Panther model in a drumstore and I liked it a lot. Hope you like it!
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    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Nice kit! I did something similar recently. I sold my high end kit and I bought a SCB instead. I also like Emperors on top. Are you using the stock snare? What do you think of it? (I didn't try the snare out yet)
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    Supraphonic hardware question

    Yes! Many people :) . A coated Emperor is a great head on a Supra. I think Fritz is also trying out heads, per his other thread