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    Picking a new snare drum

    But say you walked into the shop and you picked up a snare that you know is a good quality like a high end Yammy or DW or a classic like a black beauty, acrolite or supraphonic, and played it and didn't like it. Do you just move on to the next one, or do you spend time with the guys in the shop...
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    Picking a new snare drum

    How do you decide on a new snare drum? Toms and a kick are easy to pick. They are tuned high, mid, or low and you put skins on that reduce or enhance the sustain, tone and power (lets not get into mounting systems etc.) But each snare drum has such incredibly different sounds with different...
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    Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid vs. Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch

    The hybrid oak's cost seems to come because of the huge and extensive research that went into their PHX series of drums, which the hybrid Oak and Maple appear to be the second generation of. The PHX are considered a pinnacle of shell manufacturing, but costs a huge amount and were only...
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    greetings from a non drummer Looks to be intermediate level stuff, but some confusion over Broadway vs Autocrat, with Autocrat being the superior model. The sticks are probably good for your granddaughter, but of no value to resell if they have been in the basement for that...
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    playing on the grid

    Its so important to play to the click. My producer, on the last EP, was very happy that I only drifted 2BPM in each of our tracks, as it made his job so much easier. Playing to the grid like most people are saying is a movable feast, but your players need to play to this new off-grid beat...
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    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    For me, I started playing guitar, and I bought myself a £700 Blackmachine copy to learn to play on. It's a beautiful guitar. 3 months or so after I started learning someone put snare drum and brushes in front of me. I've picked up the guitar since then and it's a lovely instrument. But it was a...
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    22 bass drum depth

    My friend said that central Tom looks like a children's coffin
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    Anyone else have trouble getting to sleep after playing at night?

    After practice we always go for a wind down drink! And if we don't I have a little wind down drink at home :)
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    What are you doing today as a drummer?

    Tuning. My worst nightmare.
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    Turning down the job

    Looking at the Fired from the band thread, I thought I'd start a "The Band I turned Down" thread. I auditioned with the bunch of lads who responded to a post on FB I made about looking for a new band. They were late, complained about the rehearsal room amplifier being too quiet compared to the...
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    Old dude learning

    I'd go for a combination of youtube and lessons to begin with, then see what is more comfortable going forward. For example, Drumeo has the 10 first lesson beginner series, from setting up to drums comfortably (actually more important than it sounds) all the way through to your first beats and...
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    One stick to rule them all !

    When I'm in the flat just hitting my legs, I use a pair of maple 5As because my girlfriend got them inscribed and I don't want to break them. :) For real drums I prefer a wooden barrel tip, Vater Matrix or Meinl 5A, they are a Matt Hickory finish and don't slip easily when you start to sweat in...
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    Energy & Happiness on the gig

    For me, personally, when I know the track and what I am doing, I smile like a loon. When I have a hard part or I'm playing a new song I look like a constipated lobotomy victim.
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    Too old to Play Drums

    Watch Joe Morrello, legally blind at god knows what age laying down some incredible drums. Tommy Alridge at 69 is still one of the most impressive live drummers I've seen Nicko McBrain at 67 tours the world and is incredibly energetic. If you can move you can drum.
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    A shout out to the dealers

    For you UK dogs Manchester has a lovely shop and Joel in the drum dept is super knowledgeable and helpful and helped me get the right pedal. Liverpool The friendliest and most down to earth guys. Talk you out of wasting...