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    Shoes and Gloves

    My new band name...Ha!!!!NOT!!!!!!! I'm a 45yr old newbie on the skins.Been playing guitar for over 30yrs,so I've been around drum kits. My main question is,what do you wear for shoes and do you wear gloves. I wear gloves so I dont bang the sh!t out of my hands and wrists.Shoes I like these...
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    Trigger tape Trouble,help!!!!

    My pulse triggers wont stay stuck.I've used everything from doubled sided thin foam tape,to just double sided tape. Have clears on all but snares,Evens dry on those. Even when I've got them to stick pretty good,they are always hanging off the next day.
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    Trigger Tape Trouble!!!!

    I bought a pack of the Pulse triggers.Great triggers,no problem w/ them. Thing is I cant find the right tape to keep them attached.Ive used all types of double sided tape,from foamy to thin glue type strip. They sound great,but dont stick long.If I get a session in the evening,next morning all...
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    Drum Ports

    Do I need a kick port in my reso head for recording? I'm new to drums but have played guitar for 30+ yrs,so I can write and record a decent demo. I have 2 originals I can play all the way thru that I'm going to record w/ me on drums. Really dont want to cut a port,I did on my old kit w/ a coffee...
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    D4 opinions?

    Anyone use one?What kind of triggers do you use?
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    SP5K DD1 the same?Sound problem.Any other owners?

    Made by Medeli? The modules are the exact same layout,just ones black and ones red. All the buttons and inputs are even in the same configuration.Kinda glad I didn't drop a bunch of $$$ into a new DD1 after reading the reviews.I love my Ddrum Journeyman 1up 2down,but I read Ddrum really dropped...
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    Zildjian Allas?

    I got a ride w/ a bunch of cymbals that looks like the logo said Allas in an Arabic font. The bottom has the large Zildjian logo on it. Anyone know anything about them? Its a 20" ride w/ a pretty nice size bell on it,sounds better(at the moment) than my 20" B8 Pro.
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    Hello all,old man from AZ here!

    Hello everybody!!! I'm 44 and just bought my first decent kit.Ddrum Rambler Journeyman,1 rack tom virgin,2 floor toms 14 16 and a virgin 22x18 kick,although I've read theyre 20 deep I think theyre including the hoops. Mapex Vulcan direct drive double pedal Left to right 14" Zildjian Scimitar...
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    Which 18" china?

    Would you guys recommend? World Percussion Wuhan B8 Pro I like the B8 pro,but don't like a round bell on a china,on the other hand I read Wuhan is using thinner bronze now. Never heard of WP. Gonna be using Ahead sticks soon too if that matters,right now I'm using ProMark 7a hickory. Advice...