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    How do you feel about drums made in Taiwan?

    If it's well built drum that looks and sounds good, I don't care where it's made.
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    On Buddy Rich's Birthday (9/30), Remembering When He Quit Playing Drums to Become a Singer

    He finally told Mel Torme, "I'm a drummer." I'm glad he changed his mind.
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    Lari Basilio ----

    I think she's very talented, but it's really not my kind of music.
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    The "two drummer blues"

    Your situation is good and not so good at the same time. Don't lose track of your own ability to function as the sole drummer in other musical situations. I have only played with another drummer on a few occasions, and it always went well, because we were both aware of what each of us were...
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    I was lazy yesterday and paid for it

    Right. Murphy's Law. In all my years of gigging, I have needed a spare snare exactly twice. I also carry a spare bass drum pedal, and sure enough, last Friday, I left my favorite pedal home. Good thing I had the spare.
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    I was lazy yesterday and paid for it

    Rick, I always take a second snare on the gig. It pays to be prepared, as you know. I'm not familiar with the Benny Greb snare. Why do you think it sounded thin on your gig?
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    Bonzo envy

    Thank you and well said!
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    Well that's 2022 finished!

    Sorry to hear that. Let's hope for a better 2023.
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    Bonzo envy

    Buddy Rich is my favorite drummer, hands down. I have accepted the fact that I will never be anywhere near his level. Hardly anyone was or is. Just be the best drummer you can be within your chosen style of music. That's all you can do, unless you practice for umpteen hours a day, which for...
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    I knew it was gonna be a bad gig when...

    A middle aged fan hired the band to play her husband's 50th birthday party and took out a $3000 personal loan to finance the party. He was a NJ State Trooper with no sense of humor, and he was pissed that his wife took a loan, so he hung a puss the whole time. She rented a swanky room in a...
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    The Hang

    When I get to the gig, haul everything in and set up, I really don't want anyone socializing with me. As band members, we make small talk, but I try to keep audience members at a distance, because I have to stay focused on getting the kit set up correctly, positioning everything and tuning. If...
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    I knew it was gonna be a bad gig when...

    You know it's going to be a lousy gig when the stage is so small, you have to set up out the door onto a deck. This really happened. I was outside all night in 40 degree weather, while the band was inside. I could barely hear anyone, and couldn't see anyone. We only played there once, thank...
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    I knew it was gonna be a bad gig when...

    It's 95 degrees, and you have to climb a huge flight of stairs with your drums. Then, they tell you you could have taken the elevator on the first floor. True story. You play a Christmas party for a US Navy ship stationed in Leonardo, NJ, and the ship's captain looks down his nose at you...
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    Cool Kit

    Yes, Billy Lee Riley & The Little Green Men. Classic Rockabilly. Of course, that's the band in the photo posted at the top of the thread, and I think the drummer is J.M. Van Eaton, who played a lot of sessions on Sun Records.
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    Your winning lottery ticket and its effect.

    I realize a band can do all these things now, but I'd eliminate the bar gigs, simply because I've had my fill for the most part. I don't want to deal with know-nothing owners and ditzy managers anymore. Costuming would be great stage clothes for all band members if they wanted them, nothing...