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    My Refurbished 1970 Ludwigs

    I purchased these 1970 Ludwig's and proceeded to re-wrap and re-finish the interiors. The drums originally had the bowling ball wrap but the wraps were all defective and cracked. I applied new lugs where required and applied new 1/2 curved spurs and brackets on the bass drum. I also made a 14 x...
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    Deep Purple Cover - Lazy (Bobacwrd)

    Well here's another cover by my band....Deep Purple's Lazy...let me know what you think
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    Deep Purple Lazy Cover - Bobacwrd

    Well here's another cover by my band....Deep Purple's Lazy...let me know what you think
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    Bodhisattva Cover

    OK, one more cover by my band...
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    One Way Out - Cover w/Vocals

    Well, all of my posts before were of me performing a solo. This is a little different. This is me and my band performing a cover of the Allman Brothers tune One Way Out with yours truly on drums and vocals...give me your feedback, Thanks....
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    Fooling around on my new Ludwig Legacy Kit

    Hi guys, I just got this new Ludwig Legacy kit last week and thought I'd share some fooling around on the kit with you. I love the sound of these tubs. I have 2 Legacy kits and I'm really impressed with not only the sound but the quality of the construction. Hope you like...
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    Ludwig Stainless Steel

    This is my Ludwig Stainless Steel set. The sizes are as follows: 8 x 10 mounted tom 8 x 12 mounted tom 14 x 14 floor tom 16 x 16 floor tom 14 x 22 bass drum 6/12 x 14 Bronze Supraphonic Snare The 14 x 22 bass, 8 x 12 mounted tom and the 16 x 16 floor tom are original 1977 Ludwig's. The 8 x 10...
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    Sonor S Classix or Sonor Prolites

    I have been looking at 2 Sonor sets lateley. One is a used Sonor S Classix set in "Pristine" condition and the other is a new set of Prolites. I know both of these sets are professional grade and that the S Classix is a birch shell without re-eings and the Prolites are a maple shell with...
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    My Ludwig Legacy Practice Session...

    Just foolin with the kit...nothing precise and some flaws but who cares!
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    Practicing on my Gretsch Brooklyns

    I finally figured how to use my Zoom HDQ3 video camera and taped a little practice time on my Brooklyns...
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    Is there still drumming life after a heart attack?

    Guys, last Monday 2/11, I suffered a massive heart attack. Obviously, I survived. The doctor told me it was what the medical world refers to as "The Widowmaker". I am now at home resting comfortably and my cardiologist says I should be able to see a 100% recovery in time and can resume all the...
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    My New Gretsch Brooklyn Series Drums

    Hey all, I just purchased these new Gretsch drums yesterday. I haven't recieved them yet but I'm counting the days. They are scheduled to arrive on my doorstep next Thursday or Friday. I have been researching this series since I first saw them last January at the winter NAMM show. I played on a...
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    This is my first thread posting....of my band

    this is a version of my band playing Jeff beck's "Freeway Jam". This was recorded about 4 years ago.
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    What brand of kit do you play?

    Here's another one...more to follow
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    What brand of kit do you play?

    Here are some pics. I will take some more soon and post during the week