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    16" kick drum heads with best low end punch

    I'm purchasing a Pearl Midtown kit for small gigs with a rock and soul band. The stock heads are just OK but I want some more low- end punch. I'm thinking Aquarian SuperkickII batter with a ported Regulator reso. Thoughts? Alternate ideas?
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    Crappy Yamaha snare strainer

    I own a Yamaha Musashi 13" snare and it's by far my favorite. The only thing that I don't like is the stock strainer which seems really flimsy compared to the rest of the components. I love the sound and playability but I keep expecting the strainer to fall apart in mid-gig so I always keep...
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    Help! Taye bass drum hoop question

    Hey guys, I FINALLY pulled the trigger on a new gigging kit, a Taye Studio Maple. It arrived assembled and the kick drum hoops don't look right to me. I've always had old-school hoops with the metal bead on the outside edge so this is my first plywood hoop setup. The hoops are cut square on one...
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    Has anyone experienced Ludwig Classic Birch?

    I've got my eye on a used Ludwig USA Classic Birch kit which are no longer made and I was wondering if anybody out there owns one or has owned one and what the general impressions are. I will not be able to see in person or play the kit prior to purchase so I'm a little wary. It bothers me a...
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    Aluminum snare question.

    Can anyone fill me in on the volume and tonal qualities of aluminum as a snare shell? I've got woodies, steel, and brass but never thought about aluminum until I saw a Pearl at a local store. Didn't get a chance to try it out though and it was gone when I went back. I was wondering how it...
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    Pearl VSX Black Sparkle question

    I'm buying a second kit for gigging. I've seen this covering and it knocked me out but I'm concerned about it showing dust, fingerprints, & scratches. I have a solid black kit now that looks great but always needs cleaning after it's been loaded in and set up. If anyone has experience with black...
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    Parts availability? Taye vs. Mapex vs. Sonor.

    I've been trying to narrow down my choices for a new or used mid-line gigging kit and I was wondering if anyone out there has experience, good or bad with obtaining replacement parts for Taye Studio, Mapex Meridian, or Sonor Force. I've had good luck with Tama and Pearl but the 3 above have...
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    Pearl Vision VSX vs. Tama Superstar SX

    Hi, I'm in the market for a reasonably priced, good sounding, wrapped, gigging kit with hardware that will hold up. I've narrowed it to this 2 and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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    Yamaha Raven Black: solid?

    Hey, I'm thinking of picking up a new Yamaha SC kit. I had been considering other brands but with the current rebate I can upgrade heads and hoops and be ahead of the other kits for the same money. I wanted to find out if the Raven Black is a solid lacquer or semi-transparent. It doesn't really...
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    Has anyone tried the Kelly Shu?

    Hi guys, I've been considering buying the Kelly Shu kick drum mic device but it sounds too good to be true. Is anyone out there using one? If so, what are your thoughts? Are there better alternatives? Your input would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob
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    Toughest non-wrapped finish?

    Hi, I'm shopping for a new kit and most of the ones I've been checking out are available only in lacquer finishes. I'd prefer wrapped but the choices are limited in the 800. to 1500. price range. My question is, based on group experience, does any one manufacturer offer a tougher coating than...