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    Darker Theme Possibility?

    Thank you Bernhard and Supergrobi, for the time and effort that you both spent in giving us a choice between light and dark themes for the Drummerworld forum. The design for the Drummerworld Dark theme looks fantastic. :)
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    Darker Theme Possibility?

    As long as it doesn't cost Bernhard, or the wonderful forum members here any money, why not make a dark theme as an option? That's just it, it would be an option. If one prefers the default light screen style great, if others like myself prefer an optional dark theme style that would great too. :)
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    Anniversary Zildjian ride

    In my best Dr. Evil voice.......One million dollars! Not really, but I'm sure I'm not too far off. :LOL:
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    Covid -19

    Congrats Johnny! My mom, who just turned 82 last month, got her first shot/dose of the Pfizer vaccine last Thursday. :)
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    For Pearl People

    Count me in for a slice as well!
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    Happy Thanksgiving !!

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here on the Drummerworld forum! 🦃 :)
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    My first jam/audition thingy

    +2 You don't destroy the entire accumulated "library" of knowledge just because you're only interested in the the latest bestseller. No need to lock them either. Someone might have something to add, or have a relevant question that doesn't need a whole new thread started to answer.
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    Help me ID this Paiste cymbal…

    I think that you did a wonderful job describing the sound of your first Paiste ride cymbal. I too have a thing for 21" ride cymbals. When I listen to to different sound samples online, and a company offers a ride in multiple sizes (say a 20", 21", and 22"), I almost always gravitate towards the...
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    Help me ID this Paiste cymbal…

    The color of the cymbal, the lathing, and the hammering look identical to the the kind found on the Paiste Signature line. You're right about the first two numbers (03) should indicate the year of manufacture as 2003, on cymbals with an eight digit serial number. Could it be a prototype that...
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    What are the first 3 memorable rock concerts you attended?

    Wow, the field was trashed at least twice that season! Remember Disco Demolition Night? That was held on July 12, 1979, and your Rush concert was on August 19, 1979. I was only 7 at the time, so I definitely wasn't there for either event, but it must of literally been a blast at the old Comiskey...
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    Your best 5 Paiste Cymbals

    My favs (so far) and my current set are: 15" Signature Sound Edge Hi Hats (I also loved the sound of the 15' 2oo2 Sound Edge hats. However, the sound of the Sigs just edged them out when I was putting together this set of cymbals. Someday, I hope to have both.) 16", 17", 18", and 19" 2oo2...
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    Eddie Van Halen Dies

    Just heard about Eddie's passing on the radio. Our condolences go out to his family and to those that were closest to him. Thanks Eddie for all the amazing guitarwork, and for the countless hours of musical entertainment you provided us throughout the years. R.I.P.
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    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    Yep LudwigRocker, I'm a big KISS fan. That's one of my favorite KISS songs too, and where I got my "User Name" from. I have had the pleasure of going to see KISS many times in concert, since the late 80's. I was a little too young to see them in the 70's, but by the late 80's I was old enough...
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    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    Hey LudwigRocker, Your right, it's tough being a kid. Some grownups just don't take kids seriously. Sometimes they just don't remember what it's like to not be treated with the same courtesy and respect that's automatically given to them as an adult. Shame on Mr. Gardener for not remembering...