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    Silver Dot Return

    I've had them since July of 20. I really, really like them. The collar is spectacular and the tuning is a breeze. The sound is beyond fantastic. Open and punchy and requires little to no muffling. I was using black dots on my Keystone kit and liked those too. I would say the SD is thinner than...
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    "Have to have" in your set up

    13"HH Fusion Hats. Vintage 1988? I've had them on every gig I've played since 1992 when I got them. Going to my grave with them.
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    Beginner gear question

    That was a good call. One thing about a nicer kit is you will be inspired to play it. That Tama will sound good with nice heads and you'll be proud and excited to spend time with it. Have fun!
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    Drum n Base Hoop Potector

    I just pinch it on. Works well that way. No real scratches either. Yes, it can slide off but rarely does. The drum comes out of the case ready to clamp the pedal to.
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    Drum n Base Hoop Potector

    I've had really good luck with the metal Pearl protector. Variety of hoops and little to no rash with constant gigging.
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    Gear regret

    Sabian Aero crashes first come to mind. Although, I'm a big fan of the HHX Ozone's. Aero's were just too dead sounding. Fortunately, it's an easy flip.
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    Ever had to confront a fellow band member on what he/she is posting on social media?

    A couple of years ago, a good friend and bandmate went off the rails and the three of us decided it was best to let him go. He went willingly. He was so bent on politics that we couldn't just have fun on the gig. Every comment was bridled with is particular philosophy. The three of us are of a...
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    Bass drum ride mount idea

    Using two Atlas mounts is a super solution with a short tilter. There's downward force spread out and using higher lugs is preferable than lower ones. I eventually switched to one mount and had no problems with the shell whatsoever. I was using a 21 HHX Dry Ride and a 20 K Custom Dry, both...
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    Drum Damping/Muffling

    That was far shorter than I expected.
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    Drum Mic Clips?

    It's pretty hard to beat the ease and flexibility of Audix D-Vice
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    Ludwig Keystone in Salmon Oyster Wrap

    Great kit. I had one. Pewter Sparkle. Bought in 2013. Spent 5 years looking for a 13 or 14 to add on. Finally convinced a seller to part his kit by overpaying for the 13. I looked everyday for 5! years. All I can say is it's going to be tough, but you might get lucky. Otherwise, the only...
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    DW Pedal Springs Breaking (Replacement?)

    I see your problem, you have the spring max'd out. I have your solution. HD springs along with a spare pair of regulars and 2 brand new bearings and clip thingy's. Your pedal appears to be old enough to need new bearings that will help the spring rotate on the rocker. Using HD springs will allow...
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    DW Pedal Springs Breaking (Replacement?)

    If you want to try the heavy duty springs, I have a pair available.
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    Upgrading my DW Design series kit to Ludwig classic OAK or Maple

    I owned a Keystone kit for nearly 7 years. Great, great kit and super solid in sound and build. I "upgraded" to a CM last summer and it is everything I wanted it to be. Funny thing is, it's not really an upgrade, it's a lateral move from Oak to Maple. Either kit is wonderful and you won't go...
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    Thrones for a big guy--6'6" 300 lbs

    Came here to post the Yamaha. Glad that was one of your choices. 20+ years and hundreds of gigs and it is faultless. Four legs really help and the wide seat is easy on the back and behind. I'm not a huge guy (6'2 205) but it has served me well.