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    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    This is probably why I still listen to 70's progressive rock, lots of great vocals and melodies, but also some instrumental passages. Best of both worlds perhaps. For me that is.
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    Benny Greb - Effective Practicing

    Well, depends what you're after, I have read quite a bit about effective practice and in the first half of the book there's really not much that's new to me. I can't speak for the rest of the book. But it's good nonetheless, and Benny has a way of explaining things in a clear and sometimes fun way.
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    Benny Greb - Effective Practicing

    Got the book two weeks ago. Halfway through.
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    Wish list 2021...

    I wish to get my hands on some Paiste 602's, ride, hats and crash. That would only be possible if I sell off my Zildjian K's and A's so that's where I have to start.
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    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    It just comes and goes, one day I'm all about Peter Hammill, Gentle Giant or something and the next day something completely different like the Cardiacs or the Stranglers. Then maybe Moody Blues or Genesis then back again. It all goes around!
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    Killer Bands: Gone But Not Forgotten!

    I believe Rich Williams is still with the band!
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    Favorite Drummers

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    Lefty drummers unite! Also, who are best lefty drummers?

    Ringo and Phil! Most musical drummers in my book!
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    Famous flubs?

    I have lots of rock lp's from late sixties to mid seventies and there are a ton of mistakes on them, from untuned instruments to speeding up or slowing down, players not in time after a pause etc. I love it all!!!
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Absolutely gorgeous!
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    Kit Dynamics-am I close?

    I think of the direction my body is facing, doesn't matter if your back is against the audience.
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    Gear regret

    I have a few Zildjian cymbals that I shouldn't have bought. Planning to sell them and buy 602's instead.
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    Kit Dynamics-am I close?

    Start with bass drum, hi-hat stand and snare drum, make a nice triangle between your feet and butt. Be aware that the bass drum will not face forward. Position the rest of the kit around this.
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    Ludwig goes vintage-copying Sonor?

    The real "vintage" thing with these is the nickel plated hardware, really cool!
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    Benny Greb - Effective Practicing

    I just bought it from Bennys site, 30 euro plus shipping! Or 35 euro if you want it signed.