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    Recording - The unrelenting task master

    I believe that a relaxed body motion and choreography is the key to fluid playing.
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    single bass drum issue

    Colin Bailey's book is very good to work with when it comes to bass drum technique. 5-10 minutes everyday will do wonders in the long run. There are a couple of videos with him showing a few excersises on Youtube as well.
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    In search of a (different) online beginner drum course.

    Can't see in my reaction score that any was negative...
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    In search of a (different) online beginner drum course.

    Well if you give my post a negative reaction, I'll tell you right away!
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    In search of a (different) online beginner drum course.

    Inside Drumeo there is actually one great course by Bruce Becker. I'm not sure if it's open for registration though. It consists of 26 lessons ranging from different grips, postures, rudiments, different hand techniques like Moeller and push-pull, bass drum technique, afro-cuban grooves and...
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    I need this!

    Did it melt? I had to google Vox drums since they looked a lot like Trixon, and if I didn't misread Vox drums are imported Trixon drums.
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    Bass drum hoop protectors

    A piece of thick leather work just fine, just fold it over the hoop!
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    Drumming related New Years Resolutions/ Drum Goals for 2020

    Well problem is whiskey taste so good to me, and I don't get drunk, I just tend to drink too often, most of the days actually. Now is the time to shape up before it gets out of hand. Don't want to end up as a couple of friends who are sober alcoholics that never can have a whiskey or anything.
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    Drumming related New Years Resolutions/ Drum Goals for 2020

    Get some more time with the brushes, and OK, loose some weight and quit drinking whiskey in the quantity I do now...
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    Need a recommendation for a teacher for technique and hand rebuilding - specifically for faster singles and one hand multiples ("LLLLLLLL" etc)

    Hi Greg, I've been in the same position as you and still am, but I am starting to see progress. I think many of these problems lie in stiff hands, and that the way to fix this is slow, relaxed and deliberate practice on the pad. There are several good teachers out there, but I feel the ones that...
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    Killer Bands: Gone But Not Forgotten!

    Genesis, Gentle Giant, Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
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    "Sweet Caroline"

    Except here in northern Europe. I know the song but I never ever heard it played by a live band over here.
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    Breaking-up Practice Routine

    I usually practice for 1,5 hours a day in one go. When I have to split the session in two I find it not as effective because it take 10 to fifteen minutes to warm up once more. So I rather go for one practice session a day. Of course I take a few breaks but not more than five to ten minutes. If...
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    Need Drum Key for Slotted Premier Tension Rods

    OK, so I found an easy fix in another forum. Put the cylindrical part of the Sonor drum key parallel to the jaws in a vice and give it a slight press and the two pieces comes apart. Then file down the insert until it fits your tuning rod perfect then put it back in the barrel in the same...
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    Most Underrated Snare Drums

    I have had a Premier 2000 aluminum snare laying about for a couple of years and yesterday I finally decided to bring it to a rehearsal, only because I was too lazy to get my usual snare; the Premier was already in a bag. It is a really good snare drum with a nice snare sound all the way from the...