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    today i got my hands on what appears to be a ludwig acrolite shell..> (given to me for taking it off of someones hands) anyone know of how i can find out how old it is? the numbers suggest the 1960"s but the badge suggests the 1970"s any suggestions? (pics when i get her going again)
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    hey everyone, so glad to get back on DWF one month ago i had a medium stroke that I have for the most part recovered from. Everything is going well...I only have some major issues with fatigue and balance right now but I am expected to have a full recovery. Since then I have already been back...
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    Upgrade??? (opinions welcoms)

    While I have been playing Paiste Alphas for a while I have decided to go ahead and upgrade...I am torn between Paiste 2002s and Zildjian A Customs..... I really like the sound of both and will be buying whichver I choose to go with used. I have a tempting offer from a son of one of my cousins...
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    Sound Formula

    Does anyone have any Paiste Sound Formula crashes? I have head that they sound fairly much like Sigs (after all they were absorbed into the Sig line.) Reason I am asking is another potential good deal from someone who is claiming "you dont want this it is a beginners cymbal..go with...
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    Add on opinions

    Currently playing a Tama ImperialStar fusion kit 10,12,16..thinking about adding another tom, probably the 14 for a harmonic 2" range from high to low.... torn between the floor tom which is 14 square and the rack tom which is 14 X 11... any opinions would be appreciated.
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    cymbal value

    anyone know where i can find out how much a discontinued Paiste 400 power ride (20 in) would be worth today? I think i have scored a decent price on one
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    Great deals once again

    Just got bought a slightly used Paiste Alpha 16" med crash for 50 bucks (including shipping) should be here on Tuesday. will post pics when it gets here
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    (semi) new Paiste Alpha Hats

    After looking around I found a pretty good deal. In Guitar Center's used section I stumbled on the a set of 14' Paiste Alpha hats with a med bottom and rock top. ,... the steal..... they were $25 a piece......It was hard to believe so I called in and the only thing was a bit of mild oxidation. I...
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    has anyone had any experience playing Sabian's Xs20 line of cymbals? Heard a couple and they really caught my ear. Found some good deals on some used ones and will probably buy a whole set eventually (used except for the splash.....seen too many abused ones brought into music stores LOL ) thanks