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    Just got a new Black Beauty.

    Hello everyone! As the title says i just got myself a new Black Beauty size 14x6.5. This is my first time owning a brass shell drum of any kind so i have a few questions about it. I done a search to find out all i could without having to start a thread so if i missed something i apoligize. One...
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    Snare drum question.

    I found a good deal on this snare but i don't know anything about it. When i tested it it had the pearl stock heads on it. I played with tuning a little bit but i honestly don't trust those stock heads for...
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    What do you do.....

    .....when the raidio doesn't work?
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    Well...this sucks.

    I have a 21" AAX Stage Ride in brilliant finish that i was going to put up on Ebay. I had this cymbal for several months and have played a few gigs with it. Today i noticed that it has a small scratch ( maybe an inch long) on the bow toward the bell. I honestly have no idea how or when it got...
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    Need advice please.

    So i want to paint my drums a different color. I did a search and found several threads on painting but almost all of them were questions about non wraped shells, mine are wraped. My question's are... 1. Is it safe to paint over the wrap? I would like to paint over it because it's already a...
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    Picked up a new ride.

    I've been useing an AA RBDR for a while now but lately i've wanted a ride with a little more wash but still keeping the ping that i like. I picked up a 21" AAX Stage Ride and i absolutely love it! It's not all that crashable IMO but it gives me what i want in the other area's. I can see myself...
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    Zildjian web site question.

    Ok it's been a really long time since i went to Zildjians' web site. I had no idea that they redone the site. Some of you may remember on the old site there was a kit builder( or whatever you call it) there. I was looking for it on the new site and either it's just not there or i just plain...
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    Remo Heads Question

    This may sound like a stupid question but i'm going to ask anyway. I've had a set of Remo Pinstripe heads that i took off my drums about a year ago...give or take a few months. Little did i know my wife stored them the garage and they have been there ever since through a hot Alabama summer and...
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    Sad news today.

    I realize this is a drum forum but all of us here are musicians no matter what instrument we play. I learned today that former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Star died. I'm not entirely shure of what but i would assume it was because of drugs. Alice was IMO the best of the grunge bands back in...
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    Mike Portnoy Quits DT??

    Now before everyone loses their mind on me let me say that i haven't found anything to support this announcement on Dream Theatures' web site or Portnoys' web site. This is what Mike had posted on his Facebook page today and is purely the only source this comes from. It reads.... From his...
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    Need advice on a older cymbal.

    I have an old 20" Z Zildjian Power Ride that i want to sell. For those that are not shure what the Z Zildjian series is..they were cymbals made for hard rock/metal and was replaced by Z Customs in 1994 or somewhere along that time. This is a heavy, thick ride with a big bell and octagon looking...
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    If this has been posted here before i apoligize. I seen this on another drum forum and thought you guys might find it interesting. And NO it's not the drummer in the yellow jacket. (rolls eys)
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    Gotta question!

    This may sound like a dumb question to the veteran drummers but i'm bit of a rookie at this so please cut me some slack. I've seen some guys mount their ride cymbal on the bass drum as well as crash cymbals. It looks like they took the upper part of the boom stand and basically put it in the...
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    Ronnie James Dio R.I.P.

    I realize this is a drum forum but i thought some of you might find this interesting. Ronnie James Dio lost his battle with stomach cancer this morning. This guy is a rock icon and a ledgend for shure. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. R.I.P
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    Heads are doing something weird.

    I done a search and i couldn't find an answer to my question. Sorry if this has been asked before. What does it mean when the oily substance between the 2 ply heads is still visible after tuneing? Is this normal? It just caught my attention today and i was wondering if this was normal. They are...