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    Jim Chapin R.I.P.

    sorry to post this.. It's been a while since I've been around. There will NEVER be another Jim Chapin. I'm gutted. somebody else can copy and paste this link if they wish.. Here's what I've put up - Sorry to bring this news to you all.
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    MD MAg Billy Ward "DrumParts" piece plus free audio! check it out!

    Given the favorite drum track thread that going on... If you are like me, you never actually check the home pages of websites. (I simply head straight to the forum) This is why I'm giving you all a heads up about my home page. ( In addition to the pay-what-you-want...
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    Pay-What-You-Want downloads from Billy Ward

    Hey folks, I have two “Christmas presents” available at my website starting sometime tomorrow, December 24th (and onward): One is the audio from my Trio’s final day of rehearsal for the MD Drum Fest. It comprises of 8 songs, recorded simply but accurately through two mics...
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    Billy Ward here!

    Hey Bernhard - I've finally joined up! :D Nice joint you've got here! Kind of makes my little forum feel so small... (but we like it that way) Just wanted to say hello - I'll be checking in (probably pretty regularly) to see what's going on. Until next time... Billy W Billy Ward page on...