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    What type of drumstick tip do you prefer- Teardrop, Acorn or Oval?

    I'm trying out some different sticks, as my brick of Pro Marks is almost done. I love the feel of the Regal Tip 5A and have heard good things about the Vic Firths. So my question has to do with the response or advantages of these tip styles. Also, how would adding an extra 1/4 inch to the...
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    How are YOU doing YOUR Moeller technique?

    After a L – O – N – G break from drumming, I’m been back at it now for about 3.5 years. I’ve spent some good time using Jojo Mayer’s finger exercises for speed around the kit. I’d like to use Moeller to get around the kit using triplets. I’ve been practicing it around 4 drums, 2 sets of...
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    How are you cleaning and protecting your COB or metal snares?

    I was reading a post about pitting on some metal snares and was wondering what you all clean your COB or metal snares with? I heard not to use "Windex" and someone mentioned some car care products, but not sure if those are too harsh. I have a DW Edge snare and a Stewart Copeland COB. I have...
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    What is your main snare you gig with, and your back up snare?

    What do you guys use as your main snare, but just as important, what back up snare do you bring? Any reasons for either would be great.
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    So the local Bust/Best Buy is closing it music shop...

    I guess it was just a matter of time. I stopped in the neighborhood Best Buy last night and clearance signs were all over the music department. They didn't have much drum gear that I was interested in, but I admit it was sad to see another brick and mortar music store closing. It was fun to...
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    Turning the Corner

    Drummer chicks rule. Keep kicking ass Mary!
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    How are you carrying your double pedals to the gig?

    Basically, I was wondering if you pack your double pedals in your hardware bag or use a separate pedal case for them? Packing them in a hardware bag seems more efficient, but they're bound to get tossed around and scratched up. However, their own cases would fall off the cart because of their...
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    Which method of practicing rudiments do you subscribe to?

    When I first started practicing my paradiddles, I had to practice the strokes slowly to get the muscle memory. That of course included the rr or ll. I started off using wrist and fingers and each of those double strokes sounded even. As my speed progressed, I found I could go faster if I used a...
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    Left foot keeps hitting HH using swivel technique on DB

    I've switched over to swivel technique for the double bass. I have my slave pedal right next to the HH pedal, about an inch between them. On occassion, my left foot will hit the HH pedal during the swivel move. I haven't recorded anything lately, but you can hear the HH cymbals each time I...
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    So DW brings out the new 9000 pedal...

    It was just a matter of time... 3 interesting improvements. It's got that friendly bass drum hoop clamp seen on the DW5000 and the Ludwig Atlas pedals. Supposedly an easier to adjust cam. Rubberized bottom. I was wondering if they re-engineered the U joint axle. That wasn't mentioned...
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    Tips on cutting down a cymbal post please?

    The bass drum on my giging kit has a tom holder that also accepts a cymbal boom arm. The problem is that my cymbal boom arm is about 3 inches to long. I have a spare SP Boom stand I use for another project that I can cut down to fit the holder. However, I don't want it to rust where I cut the...
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    Anyone get sore ligaments, muscles from French grip fingers technique for fast single stroke rolls?

    I've finally started investing more time into my single stroke rolls by focusing on the French Grip - finger technique. (that grip Jojo Mayer does in his DVD). After a few weeks of practice, a definite improvement. However during my practice, that muscle, tendon (??) area near the elbow and...
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    Does the Sound Percussion SP880BS Double-Braced Boom Stand convert into a straight stand?

    Does anyone know or use these? I need a pair for a project I'm working on that specifically requires straight stands. These are on sale and are cheaper than their straight stands (MF). Thanks!
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    I Need a Device to measure my tempo while playing

    I need a device that will monitor my tempo while playing with other musicians. I'd like to also use it for practice to keep my tempo steady. I don't have an iPhone so an app would not work. I've done some searches on the forum and have come across the "tempo ref", beat bug, drumometer. I'm a...
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    What's the toughest technique/fill/groove you've learned and how long?

    I'm fortunate we have a place where we can vent (respectfully of course) about our drumming experiences. I was wondering what technique, fill, groove, etc., was the most difficult for you to learn, and how long it took you to be able to use it with confidence? I'm asking because 8 months ago...