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    Fired for COVID/ Age

    I feel for you. It sounds like an excuse to me too. Too bad they didn't have the balls to be honest. Find a new gig and play on. I brought this guy up before in another thread but it's applicable here too. George Schwindt got tossed in 2015 from Flogging Molly for a lame reason. Again, sounded...
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    peter green passes

    Check out this cover of Oh Well by Joe Jackson Written in Fleetwood Mac by Green.
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    Played cruise ship gigs for the last 7 years until now. Post-Covid - unemployed other than a few remote recording jobs. Before that I played in several cover bands. Mostly wedding type gigs, festivals etc. Really good part-time $ Before that.... I toured Canada, and Northern USA playing bars...
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    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    George Schwindt the x drummer for Flogging Molly recently went through this as well. He was kicked out because the band said he looked tired and not well. It was BS. He had some meter issues for sure and I'm thinking there was a personality conflict. I think they're all still in court over it...
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    Drum Set Ergonomics - Thesis

    Just finished. Good luck with your thesis.
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    First gig since March today.

    I miss it a lot. You're a lucky guy. My last cruise gig ended Jan. 28 (thank god; I might still be stuck on board if it was later). My plan is not to go back this year; I don't think it's an option anyways. So all I've done is a few remote recording sessions. It helps scratch the itch but that's...
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    Why I don't want help taking down, even carrying my drums.

    I use the same cart but most of my gigs I play a converted A-E kit so I have a personal sub and full range monitor in addition. So that forces a 2 trip load in/out. I love that cart.
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    Which Drums to Buy

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. There isn't a bad suggestion. I guess I'm looking at this as my mid-life crisis purchase. Don't want a car or boat etc. Just want to satisfy a bit of G.A.S. for the fun of it. I love the N&C, Sonor SQ2's. The George Way kit I saw on Youtube is beautiful...
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    What's the most shallow-minded thing you do in regards to playing or owning drums?

    Absolutely agree with your call. I hate lugging gear. I worked for a while to get the double bass part in Hot For Teacher consistent on a single kick pedal just to cut out that piece of gear. That's the only tune I play that could possibly call for a double pedal, so forget it.
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    Why I don't want help taking down, even carrying my drums.

    Load in or out, I'm fine with help on and appreciate the lifting. Don't have a huge kit so equipment can go anywhere there's a spot in the van. I won't let anyone touch the kit in setup or tear down though. The way things get unpacked and repacked is specific and I'm the only one who knows the...
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    Which Drums to Buy

    Hi, Ok, I feel a little guilty but my wife & I just had a small lottery win on a scratch off ticket. No, we're not moving into a mansion or anything like that, it wasn't that big, but I am going to get a new kit-shells only. She wants a new set of golf clubs. My question is, If money isn't...
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    Your best (and worst) band names

    I play in a Celtic Punk band called Whiskey Swagger Love that name Long time ago played in a band called 3 Fat Greek Chicks It was a 4 pc. all male lineup.
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    Dream Band: Legends or Pros and You Behind The Drums

    Flea - bass Neal Schon - guitar Steve Van Zandt - guitar Sammy Hagar - Vocal Jon Lord (rip) - Keys Now that's a mix up......
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    One song you've played more than any other.

    toss up between Cheap Trick - I want you to want me and Stones - Brown Sugar
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    What's your latest purchase?

    So far from a setup point of view, they're great. Lots of room for some jackass guitarist to jam his amp in there on stage.... (n) My floor tom is not completely flat it's slightly angled toward me. So I think that the angle is slightly counterbalancing the cymbal/stand weight. Also, with the...