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    Drumming as sport? a new take on it

    As I've mentioned in the past regarding this question it's all about the watts. It's important to note the rider isn't in a race which usually lasts (at his level) 4 to 6 hours of intensity. And the drummer isn't at a show playing intensely for about 2 an half hours. In either case they're both...
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    Paiste 2002, B8 but why do they sound so good?

    I'm pretty sure it's the same B8 formula...that's what makes it a B8. The reason for the difference in sound is because 2002's a are cast individually and to a very strict quality control. Were as the Sabians, like most student cymbals, are cut from a sheet of B8 bronze and pressed into the...
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    Jerry Granelli drummer on all that Charlie Brown

    Here's a link to a great little interview with Gerry Granelli the drummer in Vince Guaraldi Trio. Gerry's a great drummer (He's 73 and still swingin') and his playing with Vince is (was) just so good. I'm pretty sure it was...
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    Better than my dream kit!

    It was suggested that I show off my new "Shed" since it's all about drumming. My lovely wife calls it my other "home" but I consider it "Gear". I did a big landscaping job this summer so my family could have a new place to hang...but I had to do the patio first before I could build my shed...
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    Paiste Stambul question?

    I just found this today and I can't seem to find much info about this line. It's 20", thin, rides and crashes well, the bell is kinda weak - I don't have a scale for the weight. First of all is it a Paiste? Any links or info would be much appreciated, thanks.
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    Drum parts for other than drums

    I've seen cymbal stands used as lamp bases. But this is the coolest non-drumming application of a drum part.
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    13" F. tom compared to 14" F. tom

    What would you say is the difference, sound wise, between a 13"(diameter)x14" floor tom and a 14"(diameter)x12" floor tom? Same Yamaha Oak and the same heads. I have the 14"X12" and I have a chance at a 13"X14" ,used, at a really good price. I know 13"X14" is strange (at least the depth is) but...
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    16" bass drum lift/riser

    We just cobbled together a jungle kit for my friends kids. Check out the welded aluminum BD riser - bolted from inside the drum into the threaded riser. We still have to add velcro to the underside of the riser and some rubber gaskets between the drum and the riser.
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    Super slow practice

    How do you guys (& gals) feel about practicing at a very slow tempos... say; 1/4 notes at 30 bpm to 45bpm (beats per minute) - 1/8 triplets and straight 1/8 notes (not swung but right on the beat). I'm struggling at bit w/ stuff I can easily play at 80bpm and up. And I'm starting to wonder is...
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    how do I set-up this vintage Ludwig snare?

    Hey guys, I have this vintage (1920-30ish) Ludwig COB snare 4"X14", 8 lugs, w/brass rims. I need some help getting the "right sound" out of this drum. It sounds okay now (and this might sound stupid) but I'm not sure HOW it's supposed to sound. It's loud and very sensitive and a bit ringy but...