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    20x16 or 22x16 Recording Custom

    I agree, with those tom sizes I'd probably go 20. Though personally I'd probably go 10,12,16 w/ the 22.
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    Modern cymbal sound

    I think this is fairly accurate. Though there are a couple of "modern" sounds. There's the one you mention, the brighter cutting cymbal A Custom style, though this is almost becoming less the norm and is starting to become "classic" almost. Lately there is also the super dark thin big...
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    Best mid-range kit?

    I agree. Honestly, in this day and age when you are comparing various "levels" of kits you are basically talking different flavors of the same thing. Asking for people's favs you will probably end up getting a mention from most all of the various lines as well. That being said I think the...
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    Paiste rude 16" Crash-Ride

    I agree 16" would probably be way too high pitch for my preference as well. However, if it works for you go for it. As for using a Rude as a ride I have a Rude 20" Thin Crash that I'll sometimes use as a 2nd crash/ride.
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    Gibraltar Stealth Racks

    Here's an older thread where a bunch of us talked about the Stealth Rack. I've had mine for about 5 months now and it has been great. It took a bit to get it where I liked it. I only use the main...
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    FORUM: Change

    I agree, I like having oldest at the top as well. Otherwise it all looks good, though seeing the forum in blue instead of red takes a bit getting used to.
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    Paiste 2002, B8 but why do they sound so good?

    I agree (even though this is an old thread I figured I'd chime in anyway). I have just found my 2002s just seem to sit really well in the mix. I'm running with the following: 15" Sound Edge Hats 18" & 20" Crashes 22" Prototype Ride I also have a 24" Rev. Big Al Ride if I want to roll with a...
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    Paiste Consistency is kind of crazy. (Also a bit of a New Cymbal Day)

    So quick story, I got a good deal on some custom order Pasite Colorsound 2002 Cymbals that someone had ordered and decided to sell. I figured they might go well as a companion to my standard 2002s for using for certain shows or what not and I ended up getting a pretty good deal on them. The...
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    Cymbal ideas, a combo of qualities of a Paiste 2002 and a Zildjian K?

    I have a set of Zildjian Ks that I love and a set of Paiste 2002s that I love. However, sometimes I wish I could just meld the two and come up with something that is in between the two. I guess a combo of the two would be a better description than in between the two. Any ideas? My Zildjian...
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    what to do with unwanted cymbals?

    Re: what to do with unwanted cymblas? This doesn't help you in particular, but in case anyone from the US comes on here. Lonestar Percussion actually will give you $2 an inch for B20 and $1 an inch for B8 cymbals as a trade in toward up to 50% the cost of a new cymbal. The interesting thing...
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    Black or White Bass Reso Head? (Need Opinions)

    I've been trying to figure out if I want to roll with a white or black reso head on my kit. The set is a DW Performance Series, the color is called Sapphire Granite Night Sky... it is kind of a mix of blue and granite sparkle on black. I took a picture of the set with the stock black and with...
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    Cymbal Logo Removal (Removed the guy off my Rev. Al Big Ride) w/ Pictures

    So I got a Paiste 2002 24" Reverend Al's Big Ride and while I really liked the ride, I just didn't like looking over at my ride and seeing a guy flipping me off. So I decided to go about trying to remove it without damaging the cymbal. After, looking through some old threads here on DW I tried...
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    Another Drum Bag/Cases Recommendation Thread

    I did a quick search and noticed there hasn't been one of these in a while so I figured I'd just start a new one. I've been using Humes and Berg Galaxy bags for a while but with my new DW Acrylic kit, the sizes are different than what I already have bags for. I thought about just getting more...
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    Poor man's tune bot.... using your phone (not the Drum Tune Pro app)

    Just an FYI, I used to own a tune bot but eventually just got fed up with it and sold it. Recently I found this little thing that kinda works as a poor man's tune bot. $9.99 for the Peterson Stobosoft Tuner App + Your Phone I know the drum tune pro app is out there as well, but for some...
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    New Drums Day (DW Acrylic inside)

    Well I guess I'm not cool anymore since I have a DW kit. (see thread on is DW cool anymore). Recently I've had my eye on a couple vintage acrylic kits, but just decided to hop on Reverb to see what modern acrylics were up and see if I could find a good deal. I hadn't planned on going the DW...