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    Hey guys! I recently recieved an offer about getting a Pearl Soprano 12x7" snare. I want to know if i can use it as a main snare? - I have no idea what it sounds like - and im probably not going to find out before i buy. I listened a little to it on youtube, sounds kinda good. Also, do you have...
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    12" Pearl Soprano snare

    Hey guys! I just got an offer. My Ride cymbal for someone pearl snare. His snare is 12x7" and i wonder if it can server as a main snare - because i dont need a side-snare at the moment - and the snare i got right now is 14x5,5" - a stick yamaha birch snare. The cymbal is an Avantgarde cymbal -...
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    SLEISHMAN DRUMS kickass?

    Saw a video on youtube... sleishman freefloating drums. 2k $ they sound kick-ass... and the engineer even fails at tuning them... (missing one lug everytime) God....
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    Bass heads and discussion.

    So, i just recently found out that I CAN buy Aquarian heads, in the Thomann cyberstore thingy. So I wanted to know if they're really good, and which one of them, i should get. Im going to replace my tom heads aswell, so if you could come up with some blasting head setup for that too, i'd be...
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    Check this out.

    Wauw... i just thought i wanted to share how much I love this: It makes me wanna play right now!... Also, how tha hell would i get this snare sound?
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    Richee Lee Jones - "Danny's All Star Joint"

    Okay... so, i gotta learn this song by the end of sunday... Or well, nearly learn it.. I know it's a blues shuffle, but haven't nailed the fills totally yet. Can you help me out? Thanks a bunch.
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    First Favourite cymbal? Amedia Ararat 18'' crash

    I went home from work with a new Amedia Ararat 18'' Crash cymbal, OMG it's gorgeous, sounds fabulous! I can't believe it's mine. Do you have any favourite cymbal? And which one? I've become a gear junkie, a true gear junkie..
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    Amedia Cymbals

    I recently heard about Amedia cymbals, and started to research, seems like it is a company composed of crafters from the other company "Istanbul". So, i listened to some vids on youtube, and GOD they sound gorgeous. And that was just the classic ones... I then found out that there is tons of...
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    Best way to mount the second crash

    I got a 16'' crash, 20'' ride and 14'' hi-hat, so im starting to wonder if i want another crash, and looking at solutions to mount it. I got a BD mount for toms, and because i play with 1 tom up, i have two slots open for... something. I want an 18'' crash, but should i mount it with a...
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    Low Volume Drums and Weird Noise - HELP.

    I usually play with a headset, with music, and it's dampened headset, so i won't destroy my ears. Im a bad tuner, but through my headset, the drums sound so incredible. When i take off my headset after practising i maybe hit a drum, and it sounds like a little worse, but much lower in volume. It...
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    Upgrade or New stuff?!

    Do you upgrade, for example cymbals, before buying a splash, china? anything you don't have? It seems to me that many people are just getting a bunch of shiet stored around their kit, that thye rarely use. I don't want 'too' much if that's even possible. At the moment i got a crash and a much...
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    Thoughts about heads for birch drums etc.

    Hey im trying to find out which head im going to buy next. My kit is a 100% birch kit, and some people say that clear heads favor birch drums, so i thought i'd try it out? Eitherway, i've nailed it down to about 3 different head combos: 1. g2 over g1 2 . emps over ambs 3. Ec2 or Ec1 over g1...
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    Someone reffered me to Wil kennedy?

    Someone reffered me to this will kennedy and his tuning technique. And i recently tuned my 10'' drum, and it sounds just right now! it really helped me alot! Thanks
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    Should i try clear heads?

    Hey I bought some coated heads from remo, a few months ago ( only batters. ) I still got stock heads on the bottom ones. I know i have to replace them soon, and i think it will be remo ambs clear. When i have to replace batters, i think i'd try some clear heads, so which one are the best for...
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    Hello! I recently stumbled across this drum kit on a danish ebay site thing. Pearl Vintage Kit from the 70's, but can any of you tell me more about this? Sizes are 12x8'', 16x16'', 22x14'' LINK WITH PICS: the price is 550$ - is it...