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    Does Thin = Washy?

    In a larger cymbal, thinner is usually washier. TOO thin is just wispy. Ping and 'stick' are kinda the same thing, sounds like you want something in-between, which enters into complex territory. Also, overtones may be considered 'wash'. It depends on the cymbal, and your interpretation of what...
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    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    Especially slow shuffles!
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    Ordered a used snare from Guitar Center.

    The problem with used gear at GC is that very often the person at the store buying it doesn't always know what's what. There's no person of authority who checks/verifies used gear on even a regional level, and the stores suffer by not getting what they think they're getting, and not being able...
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    Ludwig Neusonic issue

    It's hard to beat a 1-ply head! 😯
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    NeuSonic vs. Signet

    Agreed that the Signets and Neusonics are different, both sound great, although I prefer the sound of the Neusonics. The shells are different woods & plies with different edges, and the lugs on the Neusonics are heavier and bolted more solidly to the shell, which adds to the resonance - the toms...
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    Craigslist deal. It pays to set up alerts!

    Excellent! The Supralites are pretty great snares, best bang for the buck!
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    Wireless IEM systems...what are folks using these days

    Shure pack with JH Audio ears. For those unfamiliar, Jerry Harvey started Ultimate Ears, and I believe invented the molded in-ear monitor (for Alex Van Halen maybe? Don't quote me...) Bermuda
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    Ludwig Neusonic issue

    You may have a bad Emperor. Those (and Pinstripes) are notorious for the 2 plies not laying very flat and preventing good tuning. Try another Emperor, or better yet, a 1-ply to really get the drum to sing. If you really want a 2-ply, try the Evans EC2. VERY consistent quality, and sounds...
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    12" snare volume is enough?

    Achieving acoustic volume is really more about how something cuts through the mix sonically, not the actual decibel levels. A 12" snare should have enough attack to accomplish that nicely. But I have to agree that 30 plies isn't necessary. A 'normal' wood shell of 3-8 plies - and not more than...
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    Formula for how many snare drums you need

    I pretty much use the same five snares 99% of the time. All Ludwig: early '60s 6.5x14 COB, 1980 6.5x14 Supra, 6.5x14 Copperphonic, 8x14 Black Beauty, and on tour a 6.5x14 Black Beauty. Bermuda
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    Formula for how many snare drums you need

    I use 5, but have 110.
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    I filled-out the survey, but like almost every survey I've seen, it doesn't ask enough of the right questions, and is limited and incomplete on the choices available. I can't imagine what kind of useful information the author will get from it. Bermuda
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    Brass snare thoughts?

    Just so you know, the old Ludwig Super is a welded shell, not seamless. Nice drums though, you'll pay a premium price for one. Bermuda
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    Mic'ing snares from the side?

    I saw an engineer do that once, I didn’t know it was intentional. I offered to move the mic into position and was told it already was. Sounded great!
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    How much thought do you put into what you play at a gig?

    I don't consciously think about songs and parts, although I'm certainly aware of what I'm playing. I apply the same contexts to the same songs or type of song, so I'm very consistent - my "Brown Eyed Girl" from last Saturday night sounds like it did 6 months ago, 6 years ago, and like it will 6...