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    Weird Al Sightings

    I have used it in a few places, but you're right, it's probably time for a change here at DW :)
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    Weird Al Sightings

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    Weird Al Sightings

    I'm in UHF a little and the TV show from 1998, also the Compleat Al (Showtime and DVD), How To Be A Latin Lover, Safety Patrol, and probably a few others. I'm also a Simpson's character in the band and recorded the Ballad of Homer & Marge in the "3 Gays Of The Condo" episode.
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    D'Addario Players Circle?

    The original Player's Points rewards offered some very cool stuff. Obviously they had t-shirts, caps, key chains and such, but also fun/useful stuff like a guitar stool, drinking glasses, and binoculars! I'm not sure what they offer now, but it's not about marketing more stuff to you. It's a...
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    Article - Carmine dishes on getting fired from Ozzy's band.

    Funny, I didn't know that either Carmine or Tommy played with Ozzy! I'm not an Ozzy fan, but still...
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    NAMM meet-ups from the past

    That was 2018! 😮
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    NAMM meet-ups from the past

    Already missing NAMM this year, especially seeing my friends from this forum. These pics are from 2012, 2013 & 2014, I think they're the only group photos. Bernhard was at the show sometime in the 2000s but I failed to get a picture of us. :(
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    Ludwig classic oak

    I've recorded and toured with the Keystone drums, which are the predecessor to the Classic Oak (same shell.) I like the punchy attack. When they first appeared at NAMM, there was one new Keystone kit in the booth, and I could always tell just by listening when that kit was being played. There...
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    Why should I practice things that I would never play on a gig?

    True. It is a real benefit to be able to do more than you need to. Just continue to exercise some discipline/restraint on the job. :)
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    Is there something going on w Modern Drummer? Subscription Issues

    Ah... well, FWIW, that guy probably hasn't received it yet either!
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    Is there something going on w Modern Drummer? Subscription Issues

    I don't think it's an MD issue (pun intended.) The US mail has been really screwy for the last few months in particular, and their tracking can be completely inaccurate, so you don't really know where a package is. The magazine is probably sent via media mail, which is at an all-time slow right now.
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    Do bands always have their best material behind them?

    An artist's audience ultimately decides what's good and the best era of the music. I think it's a question of relevance in terms of the music itself, the production, and the lyrics. Many artists leave that relevance behind in the name of growth, or maybe they've simply run out of appealing...
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    Change from Ambassador to Black Dot?

    Note that the dot tames the fundamental note a bit, leaving the harmonics a bit more dominant, giving the dot heads a reputation of being louder. Basically, they have more perceived attack. They're the opposite of a ring, which tames the harmonic and makes the fundamental note more pronounced...
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    70s/ 80s electronic drum sounds

    You can probably still find CD libraries with .wav and other format files, specifically for loading as samples. Manufacturers include Soundscan, East West, Music Maker Sound Pool, and Voice Crystal has "Legacy - The Definitive Analog Sampler Vol 1" which is a great place to start if you can find...
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    70s/ 80s electronic drum sounds

    That sounds like a Simmons (SDS5 or 7) without noise or pitch, just kind of a papery sound is all that's left (they probably altered it for the recording, it sounds a little slow.) We used to trigger that and add to my kick to accentuate the attack in a way that a physical head couldn't. :) Bermuda