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    I'm gonna be a bebop jazz player.

    Hmmm, then I'm doing it wrong. Wrongly?
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    I'm gonna be a bebop jazz player.

    So, you're joining a non-profit organization? 😂
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    you can only pick two snare drums...

    Interesting how I just noticed this thread, and I don't know what my answer would have been 9 years ago, but two snares have appeared during that time, and they are tied for my favorites: Ludwig 6.5x14" Copperphonic, and 8x14" Black Beauty. I have the 8" Copperphonic and 6.5" BB, but I prefer...
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    Linking Names and Naming Links

    Thanks @fl.tom - I learned a few things!
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    Sometimes I play traditional grip and sometimes I play match grip.

    I learned traditional and eventually played matched. But I still flip my left stick to trad when I need to do rolls. I'm sure I could learn rolls in matched, but I'm already up to speed with trad.
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    GIO Cymbal Endorsement

    The artist does the endorsing, not the company. And most endorsers pay for the product they receive, though at a significant discount (50-70% off list, sometimes more.) The difference between a major company and a small company selling direct is that the small company inflates their list...
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    Ringo Cymbal Sound - What Cymbals Will Work?

    Most companies offer great classic cymbal sounds, but good luck matching the right cymbals in the same place at the same time. You'll zero-in fast with the Avedis line. They all sound like the old Zildjians did, and you could even order them online and likely get a great sounding set without...
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    In ears

    Some performers onstage do have to use wireless, but things don't fall apart musically if they get a glitch. With the drummer in particular, glitches can be devastating. I had used a wireless pack for a very short time. Even putting my own transmitter on my riser was no guarantee of flawless...
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    In ears

    So, you're the keeper of the flam? :)
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    In ears

    Track or not, anything that interrupts the mix (or is otherwise distracting) isn't a good thing. Nobody needs surprises, or to be playing with the fear of surprises. Another caveat for those who still want to use a wireless pack: it needs a fresh battery to work its best. That means changing...
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    Who needs toms? Only joking of course! But we can explore fills created from the elements that we’re already playing on without heading to the toms!

    I played with a band for a few years, using a kick, snare, hat & crash/ride cymbal (sometimes two cymbals if I was feeling adventurous.) After a while playing with them, I added a rack tom. Not because I felt limited or had become bored, but I guess just to see if the songs might benefit from a...
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    So I was a guest on a podcast.

    Thanks for the mention, I didn't listen yet but for the record I have 33 kits, 112 snares and 1,029 cymbals. :) PS - just listened, great interview and thanks for the shout-out!
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    In ears

    Same here, and since I'm working with tracks, problems are unacceptable. Since the drummer sits in one spot and presumably doesn't move for a while, there's no reason to not be hardwired (and save the expense of the pack at the same time!)
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    GIO Cymbal Endorsement

    If they claim to be Turkish, then probably from one of a handful of foundries in Istanbul. Soultone (for example) gets their cymbals from three foundries, and from Masterwork (as of about 5 years ago.)
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    GIO Cymbal Endorsement

    I checked their site for a list of endorsers/customers, and... nothing.