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    Maggot Brain this is a cover... and a totally different version of Funkadelic's Maggot Brain! Check it out! :)
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    2 Drummers.

    Quick question everyone: I have a gig coming up that involves my band and another teen band playing together. We thankfully don't have to play an entire set of songs together for this gig but we have one song that we have to play together. The guy who is heading up this gig is requiring that all...
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    First Cajon Cover - No Light, No Light - Florence and The Machine

    Hey guys! this is an update on me as well as a cover on my new cajon. Let me know what you think. The camera and sound quality is less than to be desired. PS: If anyone has any suggestions on tuning cajons, please PM me! Thanks again!
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    Pic of yourself

    My pearls.Ya... they're gone now.
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    Post pictures of your... NON-drum instruments?!

    My didgeridoo. I love it to death.
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    Drum Keys

    I think mine is best cuz....... mine was custom made and it's so beautiful :P The pic doesn't show it off very well though.... :/ This key was made by Mario De La Cruz at De La Cruz drum shop. :)
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    Here are my congas: and my doumbek photo was too big to fit in this post so if you desperately wanna see my doumbek, go to my photo album labled "My Hot Stuff".
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    First YouTube Vid.

    Ok. I don't have a good enough camera to film a set cover without distortion but I did record a conga cover of Second Dryades by Galactic. I would love to hear the constructive critism or anything really :) thanks guys, BDG
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    Show Off Your Tama.....SNARE DRUMS!!!

    Ok, my snare isn't anything high quality or anything but she's lasted 6 years with me... bout to be 7. She's a beautiful steel Rockstar snare. Sadly, she's losing some of her flare. Kinda degenerating actually... :/ so it's time for me to get some $ together to get the Metalworks :D
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    some ride cymbal recommendation

    ...dark/mid, mid, or bright/mid pitch medium or medium/short sustain fairly balanced stick definition. Not too washy, not too pingy. crashable good for a main ride fairly versatile (I play mostly funk and rock (all types of rock). So good for those 2 styles) From the sound samples I listened...
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    Show Off Your PEARL!

    This is my beauty and she's nothing special but she has been in my life for 3 years. :) Pearl Forum Series with Evans G2 clear heads on the toms and a Remo beater head on the bass. I have 3 toms but sometimes I'm too lazy to put all 3 up so these pics just show 2
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    Different Snare Choices

    Ok. I was looking into some new snares due to the degeneration of my current one (oops!). I was thinking The Black Out Snare (PDP), The Metal Works Snare (Tama), or Pork Pie's Acrylic Snare. The only difference between these snares is that I've actually played the Metal Works but I was just...
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    Meg White

    I'm not sure how many of ya'll are aware of this but, Neon Trees also has a girl drummer (Elaine Bradley). :) Just saying. I'm just glad more girl drummers are popping up in well known bands. It's kinda a glimmer of hope for girl drummers like me. Kinda an inspiration to keep playing.
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    Snare Position

    iight. I'm curious. Where do you all position your snare in your kit? Do you prefer it to be straight or kinda tilted to a certain side? When you play, do you use more than one snare? I like my snare positioned like this: what about ya'll?