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    Should I sand this? rough edge

    the pic makes it look a little worse then it is, it is a rough edge on my hi hat, almost looks like a small dent, not really a crack. should I try sanding it?
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    Should I jump on this snare?

    Here it is...Pearl Brass Free Floating snare, 14x6.5 with a stand for $200. Should I jump on this?
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    Do you guys think this is wrong?

    Someone who uses one essay for a college class, as the basis for another, longer essay, for an entirely other class?
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    My of now...

    We are missing my 18" HHX China but...Ive been switching over to Meinl anyway. They seem to just have a more pure airy sound, they are awesome! Specs in Picture: PDP X7 22in Bass 10in Rack 14in Floor Right now I am using the stock 14in snare. Usually I am running with a 13x6 Maple Black...
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    On the way cymbal!

    Any guesses? twentytwenty
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    Test of the Zoom Q3...

    Was just messing around to test the sound. Let me know what you think
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    My drum set

    Here it is after being a part of this forum for so long haha. It's *almost* complete, just a couple more cymbals and i'll add another floor tom.
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    Cymbal temperature Question

    Hey guys. It's gotten colder here lately, in the 60's which is cold for so fla. I was wondering if that temperature would make it bad to play the cymbals? They are cold to the touch. Thanks
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    Sound proofing help

    Hey guys I just wanted some help here, I want to get some sound proofing foam for my room and I need to know, where should I get it? What do you reccomend? Thanks
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    Larrie Londan Mem. Award Winning Vid. - Reviews?

    Larrie Londin Mem. Award Winning Vid. - Reviews? I don't mean to toot my own horn.. I won the Scholarship, I am posting this in order to get some reviews from some of the folks here... What do you think? Likes...
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    Need help finding a 13x6 drum bag

    This isnt a classified. I just need help. My snare is 13x6 and I need a bag for it. Does anyone know specifically who makes that size drum bag? Any help at all?
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    James Cameron's Avatar

    I would just like to say, that this is the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Period. By the way, if anyone plans on seeing it, you MUST see it in 3D
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    "Official" Techniques vs. "Natural" Techniques

    We all know about the official, or standard ways of playing the drums as far as technique is concerned. But some guys around the globe don't learn these things and still rip it on the kit. I'm sure everyone has something they do that isn't considered "right" by drumming technique...
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    Vic Firth 885A

    Recently I bought on, a brick of 6 of these sticks. All's fine in good until I figure out 2 of the pairs are drastically (i mean drastically) different weight wise then the others.. Anyone ever noticed this?
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    Some of my Recordings

    Well here it is the long awaited recordings I did. I'm 16...if that helps anything, or adds to the "wow" factor...assuming there is one. The music is not mine, but the drums are. There are 5 songs now with 1 more on the way (for some reason its not letting me upload Take 5....). So enjoy...