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    Exceptional Customer Service from Gon Bops / Sabian!

    I recently received truly exceptional customer service from Gon Bops / Sabian! They went well above and beyond to ensure the quality of their product as well as their excellent reputation. The details of the situation are not important. What is important is that they are dedicated to their...
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    Fyberskin or Skyntone or ?? for Pearl Tom-Bourine?

    Hi All, I just picked up a Pearl Tom-Bourine: It is supplied with a smooth plastic head. Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternate head replacement? I'm trying to achieve an "old school" vintage tambourine sound when it...
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    Ringo / Beatles AWESOME drum head on order! Other items also available.

    I have commissioned artist Russ Lease to recreate for me an exact replica of what is probably the most famous single item in all of pop music - Ringo’s drum head from the Beatles’ first Ed Sullivan Show appearance on February 9th, 1964. Russ actually owns the original head (!!) which will serve...
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    Yamaha Recording Custom - 22" kick head/tuning advice please

    Hi All, I recently purchased a mid 1980s Recording Custom kit in Cherry Wood. Sizes are: 8" x 10", 8" x 12", 14" x 14" ft, 16" x 16" ft, 16" x 22" kick. I added a 9" x 13" tom made in 2000 and was impressed that the Cherry Wood finish matched almost perfectly. The grain is slightly different...
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    Remo Emperor vs. Emperor "Batter" - are they different?

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 1980s vintage Yamaha Recording Custom kit (standard depths - Cherry Wood). Most of the heads on it are in pretty good condition and I also replaced a couple of them from my own head collection. I have Remo clear Emperors on top and clear Ambassadors on the...
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    Yamaha Color Mixing? Cherry Wood (RC) and Cranberry Red (SC)

    Hi All, Have any of you done a side-by-side comparison of these two colors?: Yamaha Cherry Wood (Recording Custom 1980s) and Yamaha Cherry Wood (Stage Custom - the earlier version with full length lugs) The photos of both of those colors on the internet vary a lot - from a fairly dark...
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    Yamaha Recording Custom: non-magnetic lugs, etc. Aluminum?

    Hi All, I recently purchased an early 1980s Recording Custom kit in Cherry: 8" x 10", 8" x 12", 14" x 14" ft, 16" x 16" ft and 16" x 22" kick. The hoops are triple flanged and seem to be steel but the long lugs and parts of the tom mount are non-magnetic. Are they aluminum? I would doubt that...
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    Need a ride - NAMM to Sherman Oaks at end of Saturday - anyone?

    Hi All, The problem is solved. Thanks! Barry
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    RINGO Peace & Love PHOTOS!!

    Hi All, I went to the Ringo Peace & Love exhibit at the Grammy Foundation preview yesterday. I had a blast! I think it is a terrific exhibit that appeals to Ringo fans, Beatles fans and drummers alike. Here is a link to the official exhibit site...
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    Roland TD-30kv kit vs. Roland TD-30 with Pintech mesh pads

    Hi All, I've been playing drums since the early 1970s and have owned (and still own) a lot of quality gear along the way. I use both ekits and acoustic kits for gigging and practice. I now own a Roland TD-8 module with Pintech mesh pads: a 12" snare, two 10" tom pads, a 12" tom pad, a 12" kick...
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    This is how to REALLY mic a snare!!

    Not my photo - found it on the Internet.
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    "Longer" 7A drumsticks - suggestions?

    Hi All, I've been using Zildjian Hal Blaine signature sticks for a while. They are are 7As at 15.25" long and .5" diameter. I llike them very much but I'd like to try a longer stick at about the same thickness or maybe a little thinner. Any suggestions? Thanks! Barry
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    Who is Common's drummer in Favorite Song live video?

    Hi All, Does anyone know who Common's drummer is in the Colbie Caillat / Common video Favorite Song from the Ellen Show? My link A few weeks ago I was in the Sam Ash drum store on Sunset in L.A. and there was this drummer playing a high end electronic kit. I was thinking "hey, this guy is...
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    If you like both cooking and playing gotta have these!

    My wonderful girlfriend Valerie got these for me on a recent trip to San Franscisco. Barry
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    Cajon Recommendations Please

    Hi All, Please make your remommendations for a good quality cajon. Thanks! Barry