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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Yeah it's one of my favourite tracks from In Absentia - ah well! Cheers Gavin :)
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hey Gavin, Hope you're doing well! Just had a quick question regarding the Porcupine Tree "Anesthetize" DVD - was there a reason "Prodigal" was left off the DVD even though it's on the CD? I think I saw pro recorded footage circling on Youtube, just curious really! All the best, Alannah
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    UK members: Sonor SQ2 advice

    Lovely little set man - all the best with it! 👌
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    UK members: Sonor SQ2 advice

    Hey Gcon, I work at a drum store in London, the SQ2 configurator will give you a general RRP that dealers do tend to stick to - anything that can be offered below that really varies on the trade price agreed with each dealer and Sonor, provided the shop is actually making a good margin too...
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hey Gavin, Not a question but super excited for the Pineapple Thief concert starting tomorrow, looks incredible and can't wait to watch it! (Also Rhythmic Illusions is keeping my head super busy - thanks for that 😂🤪) Best, Alannah
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    Regal Tip out of business?

    Not sure about elsewhere in the world but they've lost their distributor here in the UK. Nobody's picked them up here so only option is importing from Thomann or US with crazy additional charges.
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    @12:7 I've been working through this tune recently with Rhythmic Composition - super useful particularly for the crazy fill right at the end which I'm still practising getting it smooth on the kit ! I found the last chorus particularly challenging with where you accented the hihats, its a bit...
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    Pat Mastellotto and King Crimson

    I saw them at Royal Albert Hall in 2019, and being a fairly new fan of theirs I didn't know a good number of the tracks they played - but I was really in awe the entire 3 hours, it was unlike any concert I'd been to, set up, band, music etc. Really insane, can't wait for the next UK show...
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    your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

    Joe Dart is sooooo ridiculous - the groove in that band is incredible. I saw Theo solo once and Vulfpeck once and Joe both times - insane! ?
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    New on Drummerworld: Jeremy Stacey

    Saw him with King Crimson - what a fantastic player he is, on keys too!!! ?
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Ah okay - that'll explain why I can't buy it from Hudson then! I see it listed on Alfred, cool. Thanks again! Cheers, Alannah
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hey Gavin, Hope you're doing well :) quick question - is the Rhythmic Illusions book out of print? I searched on Hudson Music and I couldn't see it listed there - I guess I could probably find it elsewhere but I'd rather get it from an associated supplier! Best regards, Alannah
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    RIP Chick Corea

    This is real sad news, one of the greatest of all time for sure. ?
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Looking forward to this ! ?
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    Joe Porcaro talks about Jeff

    This is lovely - long overdue but ordering the book now. Recently read Steve Lukather's autobiography and it shared so many great stories about Jeff. Thanks for sharing Bo!