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    Marco Miinemann & Simon Phillips together

    hey, was anyone here lucky enough to be at the Eddie Jobson show at BB King's with both Marco Minnemann and Simon Phillips on-stage together? If not you missed a helluva show. I've seen Simon before and was well aware of his amazing talents. Marco was new to me and man oh man, he was absolutely...
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    Dennis Bradford anyone?

    one drummer I never hear anyone talk about is former Jeff Lorber drummer Dennis Bradford. I have always loved his playing. He was tight, funky, in the pocket and just plain groovin'. He wasn't flashy by any means but man could he groove on a small kit. Great feel. I always point to Lorber's...
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    Is solo drumming music?

    I am having a rather lively debate with some people in regards to solo drumming and music. If a drummer sits behind a kit and plays by himself with no other instrumentation, would any of you consider that music? I say it's not. Opinions are welcome. Thanks!