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    Other musicians' view of drums.

    All, Funny story. Last week my band was rehearsing a song that has a part where everybody except the drums drops out. The guitarist wanted to go over "the part where all the instruments drop out" I had to think a second because I couldn't remember any part where we all stop playing. Then it hit...
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    I apologize to any I might have offended for my tasteless joke in Jimi Hendrix forum. I have a dark sense of humor that usually comes off better in person.....maybe. Sometimes it gets the better of me.
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    Hit like a girl

    All, A little rant. I noticed that the Drum Channel had a 'Hit like a girl' contest for female drummers. Why should women/girls have their own category? I see no earthly reason why women can't play the drums just well as men. I think this just reinforces an untrue stereotype. Rant off.
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    B sides

    All, Has anybody here ever tried to put together a classic rock band that played songs from the era that were a little more obscure? I like the music from that era but get real sick of hearing the same songs over and over. Do you think audiences would appreciate it? I have had this discussion...
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    Proof other musicians don't care how drums sound.

    All, I recently went to an audition where they said they had a drum set. As usual, it was the worst piece of crap imaginable. It was an early 80's Slingerland with snare batter tunes so low, the the head felt like I was playing a floor tom. The snares barely touched the bottom head and couldn't...
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    A hard thing to do

    All, I recently went on an audition. The good news is they wanted me on the spot. The bad news is I didn't want to be in their band. How the heck do you tell people this without coming off like a jerk? I don't like the idea of leaving and then telling them by email. They said they played...
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    What is your favorite fill based on a rudiment?

    All, Like everybody else, I'm looking to expand fill/solo vocabulary, I'm also interested in rudiments. So, what are your favs/go to fills based on rudiments?
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    Drum quality and recording

    All, I am lucky enough to practice with a band where the leader has built a recording studio. The drums are miked in a booth. I have a DW collectors set and my practice set is '66ish Slingerlands. Normally, I keep my practice set at the rehearsal space and gig with the DW's because they soud...
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    What do you consider to be good time?

    If you are playing say, a nice groove song at about 130 BPM and the song calls for very solid time. What do you consider to be good? Within 5 BPM? Less? More?
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    Sound checks

    All, I was wondering what you like to do for sound checks. Do you like playing part of the loudest song in the set? The softest? In between? I would think that the loudest one would be best because if can hear well then, you should be able to hear well when it's softer. Thoughts?
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    ddrum reflex snare review.

    Musicians Friend was blowing these out for a hundred bucks and .99 cents shipping. I need a cheap snare so I took it. It arrived in good shape in spite of the crappy shipping box.....I think I was lucky as the box took a beating. The finish is good with no visible problems. It has 10 tube lugs...
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    Asking band members about your parts

    All, I have asked bands for opinions about what part I play. Do you like ride here or the Hi Hat? Do like this bass drum rhythm or this? It seems like many times it becomes a very strange conversation like they don't really expect drummers to actually ask or care. I have found it easier to just...
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    Mental images of songs

    Do you use mental images to help with the feel of a song? I do. An old man shuffling for a slow deep blues shuffle. A guy pissed of walking for an edgy rock groove. A great lap dance for a slow sexy ballad, etc. I think it helps me get the feel of the better.
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    TD-12 or DTX 900?

    All, I'm looking at one of these two sets to add to my practice room. Which one do think is a better set? I have not played either one, but I like the idea of the DTX pads. Are they really that much better feeling? What about the rest of the kit? The Yamaha HH? The electronics? The cymbals...
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    What's a reasonable time to lear 40 songs?

    All, I recently had a bad experience with a new band. I auditioned for a rock cover band who was doing older rock tunes and got the gig. many of them not so easy (at least for me), like Blue Collar Man, Radar Love, Boys Are Back and Tie Your Mother Down. I burned all the tunes on CD's and was...