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    Gretsch USA Custom Vs. Renown

    Hanging FTs are an easy fix. Finding a matching 16 in that color shouldn’t be all that tough either. Swapping back to cast hoops sours the deal. Certainly nothing wrong with the Renown’s. I almost bought that exact size color combo myself. The only thing that stopped me was GC had it advertised...
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    I'm in a band (finally) and wanted to share some original music with you all

    Those tunes sound pretty good for rough videos. Songs have some nice writing and changes too. Glad you found some guys to jam with. Some good guys and decent songs beats playing alone any day. Good stuff!
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    Gretsch USA Custom Vs. Renown

    The beauty of a 20” deep bass drum is its way easier to cut down to 16 or 14 without worrying about the legs or lugs limiting the transition to a more manageable size.
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    Switching from Electronic to Acoustic - Things to expect?

    I play a TD-30 at church. It’s a miserable experience with missed hits and next to zero dynamics. The 50 is definitely better, but I’ve only played it at GC, so no real time behind the kit. It’d better be a better experience for what they cost!
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    Switching from Electronic to Acoustic - Things to expect?

    you can use an EAD10 for recordings. Doesn’t need to be complicated, but today you can get a nice set of mics, interface and a nice laptop for the price of an okay mixer in 2003. you can still control your volume jamming with friends or at a gig, but coming from electronic where bashing becomes...
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    15" Hi Hats Shootout - 10 Hats, 5 Manufacturers

    That would be an excellent video!
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    Buy drum heads at Guitar Center and you'll get ripped off

    You have to buy them together and arriving from the same source. If they break them up at all is where the problems arise. I'm not sure why they don't do this already, but there are items, which won't ship free, unless with another qualified item. For some reason this doesn't apply to heads...
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    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    I bow my head in shame!!!😔
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    Buy drum heads at Guitar Center and you'll get ripped off

    The truth of the matter is, while we love to hate GC (me included), most mom and pop shops closed, because they couldn't compete. Now we're stuck with crews more interested in petrie dish experiments on their hair than actually helping someone. If we keep going down the path of ordering...
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    Sabian Cymbals

    There's another thread on the Complex series. Too new for many to have heard in person, but from what I've heard on YT, I'd say They by no means replace any of the HHX line, but add too. In other words, if you were 100% into 18" crashes, you could get one of each line and have everything...
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    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    Sublime - Santeria. Never gave that song a second thought. Seemed total cake walk and boring, then I tried playing it. Gee, it sounded simple! It actually really is. There's nothing to it, but feel....all feel...
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    Buy drum heads at Guitar Center and you'll get ripped off

    Not an issue for me. They have priced matched Amazon every time.
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    Unbelieveable! GC just relisted the fake snare.

    One of my GC disasters was a vintage DW 5000 pedal in "Excellent Condition." When I got it it had a bout 50 pounds of sand caked on to it and the bearings were shot. I would have returned it immediately, but figured I'd clean it up and see what it looks like underneath. It surprisingly...
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    Very classy indeed. That was news worth waking up to.