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    Who here is gigging?

    I’m gigging more often than I was pre-Covid. My band of 6 years elected back in March to not play until there is a vaccination. I formed a band with other local musicians in the same situations with their respective bands. There are plenty of opportunities due to 1) Bands cancelling due to...
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    Non-messy lube for stubborn tripod stands

    Thanks all for the suggestions. Just a quick bit of wax one time may do the trick. As KamaK said...I don’t want to create “schmoo.” My new favorite word.
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    Non-messy lube for stubborn tripod stands

    Any recommendations for the exterior of cymbal stands/drum throne (the posts/tubes?). Just got a new Pork Pie Drum Throne that really takes lot of muscle to collapse the tripod legs of the throne. Thanks in advance!
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    How's everyone holding up?

    Physically, I'm great. Mentally...completely exhausted. I'm a manager at a supermarket and practically have lived there since mid-March. Still doing 150-200% more business than last year at this time. My wife is working her job from home while trying to home-school/entertain an...
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    I'm a manager at a supermarket so I've barely touched my drums in the last few weeks until this past weekend. I'm working 70+ hours and then my wife is working from home while attempting to go over schoolwork with my young daughter......The last thing she wants to hear is drums. I need to...
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    Your least played snare(s)

    Tama SLP Vintage Steel 5.5 x14 (NOT the hammered version which Tama replaced this version with.) This ends up being my extra snare that I bring to gigs in the event my gig snare fails. It's never happened BUT better to have and not need. I'm not sure why I don't care for it as much....I...
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    Bass drum hoop protectors

    Similar to above suggestion about cutting a mouse pad....I've always used one of those rubber-grippy circles that you use to help open a jar. (That IS the technical name, right?) I wrap it around hoop when I attach pedal. It keeps the pedal pretty secure and prevents hoop rash even though...
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I really love those Sabian Concept Crashes. I picked up a couple 16" and 17" when most of the online retailers had them for dirt cheap around Christmas in 2018. I had actually always been a "Zildjian guy" and these Sabian Concept Crashes were my first foray into their brand. I use my...
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    Is there any Metronome app that keeps poor time?

    I've probably made my band mates better musicians as my timekeeping is very poor and they have to adjust constantly, especially playing live. Most people say they don't notice....because my guitarist/bass player can adjust so well to me. ?‍♂️
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    Somebody got a great shot of me

    Damn, I JUST missed it last year. My sister-in-law lives in Silverado Canyon and I was visiting but left a few days before. I had laughed about the "Conspiracy Radio Band".....what an eclectic mix THEY cover: Supertramp AND Green Day? Wish I would have seen this!
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    Somebody got a great shot of me

    By chance is this you guys?
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    Need ideas for drum-related activity to kindergarten class

    It's funny that you mentioned "Kryptonite." I've been playing that song in my cover band since my daughter was born. We rehearse at my house, and since she was 2-3 years old, she's called it "Superman" and could sing the chorus and is familiar with that snare beat if I'm playing drums only...
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    Need ideas for drum-related activity to kindergarten class

    FANTASTIC IDEAS. I've got a lot of options and I'll definitely be able to come up with something fun and interesting. I've got to make this memorable for my 5 year old because 8 years from now as a teenager, she will want me NOWHERE near her school. :LOL:
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    How many pedals have you owned?

    I've owned 4 other than a shitty stock pedal that came with my Sears kit in 1993: 1) DW 5000 Accelerator (late 90s) 2) DW 5000 Accelerator (late 90s)- 2 bass drums, one for each 3) DW 5000 Accelerator (2018) bought a new "fresh" pedal as I returned to drumming, single bass drum 4) DW 5000...
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    Need ideas for drum-related activity to kindergarten class

    So my daughter is in kindergarten this year. The kids take turns being "Superhero of The Week" and get to pick someone to come in who they consider their hero. Most have a family member (mom/dad/uncle/grandparent) come in and do a demonstration or activity (sometimes a craft) with the kids...