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    Somebody got a great shot of me

    Damn, I JUST missed it last year. My sister-in-law lives in Silverado Canyon and I was visiting but left a few days before. I had laughed about the "Conspiracy Radio Band".....what an eclectic mix THEY cover: Supertramp AND Green Day? Wish I would have seen this!
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    Somebody got a great shot of me

    By chance is this you guys?
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    Need ideas for drum-related activity to kindergarten class

    It's funny that you mentioned "Kryptonite." I've been playing that song in my cover band since my daughter was born. We rehearse at my house, and since she was 2-3 years old, she's called it "Superman" and could sing the chorus and is familiar with that snare beat if I'm playing drums only...
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    Need ideas for drum-related activity to kindergarten class

    FANTASTIC IDEAS. I've got a lot of options and I'll definitely be able to come up with something fun and interesting. I've got to make this memorable for my 5 year old because 8 years from now as a teenager, she will want me NOWHERE near her school. :LOL:
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    How many pedals have you owned?

    I've owned 4 other than a shitty stock pedal that came with my Sears kit in 1993: 1) DW 5000 Accelerator (late 90s) 2) DW 5000 Accelerator (late 90s)- 2 bass drums, one for each 3) DW 5000 Accelerator (2018) bought a new "fresh" pedal as I returned to drumming, single bass drum 4) DW 5000...
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    Need ideas for drum-related activity to kindergarten class

    So my daughter is in kindergarten this year. The kids take turns being "Superhero of The Week" and get to pick someone to come in who they consider their hero. Most have a family member (mom/dad/uncle/grandparent) come in and do a demonstration or activity (sometimes a craft) with the kids...
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    Do you plan on buying yourself anything drum-related for Christmas?

    Last year I picked up few of those Sabian AAX 16/17/18 Concept Crashes that were going for under $100. It was my first foray into Sabian after being a solid Zildjian user my entire drumming life. I bought them without listening because at the time, there were no clips on YouTube or anywhere...
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    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    Old myth I was led to believe almost 30 years ago when I first started playing: ALWAYS muffle your drum to the fullest extent. Fill that bass drum with any bedding material you can find around the house. Put tape, napkins, etc on your drums if you want them to sound good because a ringing drum...
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    ZOOM Q2n vs Q4n vs Q8n for Live Recording

    For anyone who has experience with either one, or multiple versions of these Zoom video cameras, I'd like to know pros/cons/recommendations on these based on what my intended usage would be: Camera would be used to record live loud rock band with internal mics only. Camera would be stationary...
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    Drum Features You Miss

    My very first drum kit, a "Blackhawk By Gretsch" purchased from a Sears Catalog in 1991-1992 has the bass drum T-handles. And I always had every one parallel to the hoop. As a 13-14 year old first-time drummer, I knew (or cared) nothing of the tuning. Give me today's regular drum key lug...
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    Do your neighbors complain?

    My wife and I bought our first house about 7 years ago and it was what got me really back into playing drums because I stopped playing for 15 years due to apartment living. The basement (where I play) is finished. House is all brick. And almost all of my neighbors are old retirees and to this...
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    Hi Hats: Zildjian A 14" New Beats Ride: Zildjian A 22" Ping Ride I've had these since the mid-late 90's and those are the only hats/ride that I've ever owned. Kind of strange because I've been through several crashes, splashes, chinas, and effects cymbals. Stick with a good thing I guess...
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    Cheap hack for bass drum hoop grip/protector

    I’ve never been a fan of the traditional hoop protectors (Gibraltar/Tama/etc) because I really don’t want anything adhesive or “permanent” attached to my hoop. Of course I don’t want to crank my pedal down to the bare hoop to avoid any chew marks but then the pedal can occasionally slip...
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    Sabian Concept Crash

    I tried to Google some info about these Sabian Concept Crashes before purchasing, and there's not much info that turns up. Not even on the Sabian website. One other drum forum has a small discussion on them. Most online retailers had (have) these on a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for...
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    What Pedal is this?

    This is my first bass drum pedal with my first set from around 1994. Just found it at my moms. I don’t need it and looking to sell. There is no markings but for some reason, I thought I remember it being a Ludwig. Still in great shape, no rust. What would it’s current worth be, if anything?