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    "New" ludwig throw off

    Another vote for the P86, looks so much better, never have any issues with it on my LM402.
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    Drum Set Re-wrap

    What is this 2 piece wrap? I just got a 14x24 from Bum, one piece...
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    Anyone else play mismatched hi hats?

    I have 3 kits set up right now, one with Meinl Soundcaster Fusion hats, which I absolutely love, but that left me with Rudes, original Colorsound 5s, and the newer Colorsound 15" hats to choose from for the other 2 kits. I'm not a basher anymore, so none of the choices really thrilled me. Then...
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    Differences between wuhan chinas?

    Im thinking of getting a Wuhan china. I have their 16" medium thin crash and I absolutely love it. Crazy affordable too.
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    Pearl drums

    I just bought a Decade Maple kit and they sound great. Changed the heads of course and I love em. I bought a Masters Maple snare and it sucked. No amount of head/rim or snare wire changes could get that thing to sound good, sent it back and got a Ludwig Supralite, sounded great out of the box...
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    Mapex Saturn V EXOTIC blowouts happening!

    Love my Saturn IVs, but I really like that exotic finish too. Great sounding drums.
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    Todd Sucherman album

    Really looking forward to this.
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    Kenny Aronoff

    So I saw John Fogerty again last night, always a great show and he didn't disappoint.. ..however I was really bummed to see Kenny is no longer in the band...anybody know the story on this?
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    Any real world pics of Ludwig Electrostatic Green?

    I don't see anything ever replacing my Supra, but I'm looking for a wood snare and Ive been thinking about ordering a Classic Maple snare with this finish....true to Ludwig form, I found one whole photo of this finish. Although props to them for finally updating that awful website they had that...
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    Has anyone seen the Ludwig Aquaburst finish yet?

    Theres a small pic in the new catalog, but thats it. Have any of these shown up at your local drumshop yet? I'd love to see some better quality pics.
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    What did you pay, back in the day?

    The other day I was talking to a buddy about how absurdly priced top of the line kits were, and how basically, with a good sound man, nobody in the club is gonna know the difference between middle of the road drums and top of the line. (and I firmly believe this, but I digress....) .....but...
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    Crush double bass kit

    Picked up a used 5 pc and then added the 2nd kick and 13" tom. I think I like the black lugs better, so Ill have to either get replacements or just sell what I have and buy the black lugged drums. 2 18x22 12, 13, 16 (10 unmounted) I think the snare is a 6 1/2 Ddrum decabons 18 and 20...
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    My new Ludwig Epic kit

    Hi everyone...I just got this a few nights ago. This is one of those kits where photos dont do the finish justice! I absolutely love it. The drums sound bright and powerful, the 14x24 has a great low end/fast attack thingie going on - I cant say enough good things about them. Im not good at...
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    My new LUDWIG Element kit

    Hello all - these are my new Elements. I absolutely love these drums. They sound great, and I love the finish and the black hardware. 8,10,12,16,22 and the snare is a 6.5 Black Magic. Ive heard alot of people say the BM is a poor mans BB, but I dont think so, I think I like this better than my...