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    Selling my Yamaha Beech Customs. What should I ask? (pics)

    As much as I hate to do it I think I'm going to sell my Beech Customs. They have a few minor dings but nothing major. I think they were made in 2000. Not sure what the color is...kind of a maroonish brown wood grain. Not sure what I should ask for them. They are 8,10,12,14,16,22. Here are a few...
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    Fair price...?

    I have an early 2000's Yamaha Stage Custom. The color is matte raven black. The sizes are 10, 12, 14 (rack)...16(floor) and 22x2 bass drums (no snare). The drums have some dings here and there but nothing very bad. There are also a few tension rods missing and the heads need to be replaced. I...
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    2013 Chicago Drum Show

    Will anyone be attending the Chicago Drum Show this year?. I live downtown Chicago so its only about a 30 min drive for me. I'll prob be there on Saturday.
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    Drum Solo in the street at SxSw.

    This is the drummer for a local Kansas City band called David Hasselhoff on Acid that my band plays shows with every once in awhile. He killed it. SxSw was awesome this year. My band played 2 showcases on Friday and Saturday. Dave Grohl even stopped...
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    Finally got around to ordering an 8in tom for my oak custom..

    ....only to find out its on back order and will arrive on 4 months. At least I have something to look forward to I guess.
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    Has anyone else had good experiences with used gear from GC?

    Has anyone else had good experiences ordering used gear from GC online? I try to hit Guitar Centers website and cruise for used gear about once a week. Sometimes I find a gem or 2 that are priced way lower than expected. Ive ordered a few things that seemed to be too good to be true but...
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    1970's Ludwig Vistalite? (pic)

    Any idea what a kit like this is worth? All the drums are in good shape. I know a lot of the value depends on the color. There were a lot more clear sets made than any other color.
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    Got a new toy tonight. (pic)

    Yamaha Oak Customs (Musashi Black). 22,10,12,14,16.
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    Fair price for Yamaha Oak Customs?

    I'm looking at buying a new Yamaha Oak Custom kit (musashi black) from a private seller. Its still in the boxes/plastic and never been assembled. It comes with 22x17 kick, 10x8, and 12x9 mounted toms; and 14x14, 16x16 floor toms (no snare). What sounds like a fair price?