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    How do I start punk-drumming?

    Genius dude! 1 bpm every day that makes it seem very doable ..
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    practicing with the metronome?

    sounds like a great method man ..thanks for sharing this noob appreciates it .
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    New drummer with no musical talent what so ever.

    Welcome to the forum ...Glad you’re here ..🤘
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    What's your "day" job?

    Much appreciated my dude...👍
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    Three Cheese Pasta

    seriously had me rolling ...haha...”I’m a 2 time personal chef” hahaha
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    Motivated noob

    Thanks dude...I was at PI in 96...couldn’t imagine how bad ass the DI’s were in the 60’s to nasty recruits lol I’ve already benefited mentally and spiritually from the drums’s been a great journey thus far ... see ya around here 🤘
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    What's your "day" job?

    Unfortunately I don’t have a day job (retired). Was in a helicopter mishap in Afghanistan in 2006 and haven’t worked a day job since. not as cool as it sounds ha!
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    Motivated noob

    Hey everyone..just wanted to say what’s up hope all is well with you...i real name? Anthony age? 43 how long been playing? Less than a year origin of user name? Military top 5 drummers? Vinnie Paul make of drumkit? Roland V-drum where do you practice? My basement are you in a band/s? No...