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    So Sakae is still around?

    Indeed it seems Korg merely bought the brand, closed the factory, liquidated the old stock and relaunch as "designed in Osaka, made in Taiwan using American Maple". In my view probably a strategic blunder. Purely as a brand, the name "Sakae" is of little value compared to the tradition of...
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    Need help with independence

    If you can go through this (multilingual) method, over time and excruciating efforts independence will be for you a long forgotten hurdle. (which is not at all my case I need to say)
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    Fired for COVID/ Age

    Showbiz is merciless, that's why I never tell anybody my age. Still my band gets someone else on the videos. I can live with that as long as I'm still the one playing.
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    Yamaha FP9

    Few of the endorsed Yamaha drummers are actually using it.
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    Yamaha FP9

    I'll try: Yamaha publishes a chart that shows how the chain drive follows a linear function between the position of the pedal and that of yr foot, whereas the DD requires less effort at the beginning and more at the end. In practice it is not a problem on the way down, but the rigid link throws...
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    Frankly I had been hoping for the gig this week to be cancelled (and it was), so I wouldn't have to do it myself. Likewise rehearsals and studios. It's really a dangerous thing that virus and everyone who attend conferences and religious ceremonies seem to get easily infected. Let alone health...
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    Recording - The unrelenting task master

    Drifting slightly, have anybody faced this problem? Practicing alone I play a song right on the click each time, but when the whole band (only 3 musicians) tries to play with the click as we're preparing for studio, then we go off within a few bars. I feel guilty for it. what can I do?
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    gogo penguin style

    thanks guys. your help appreciated. I made it through. All good.
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    gogo penguin style

    What I meant was that I needed to do more work toward that goal, and any help would have been welcome. Then maybe you're right, we shouldn't try getting out of our comfort zone. (I've got the gig though)
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    Dante Agostini method teachers?

    oh boy! you're contemplating the bible of French, German, Italian and South Europe drummers. We were all raised with the 5 volumes of the method, every teacher, every school, every shop..Dante Agostini himself, Italian drummer living in Paris, was never a top 500 drummer but certainly a most...
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    gogo penguin style

    Hi all, I'm gonna audition with a band who turns classic piano and anime into jazz, a bit like go go penguin for example. But to be honest it's not easy at all and I can't play like Rob Turner, or write what he does. Could anyone share scores of a groove or two in that style which I could learn...
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    Input on my new Yamaha DFP9C

    I have come to love mine, once I attached the 5g weight to the beater. Suddenly the pedal came alive.
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    What are TD9 and TD6 worth? vs a brand new TD 1 ?

    thanks guys. your help much appreciated
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    What are TD9 and TD6 worth? vs a brand new TD 1 ?

    We're in London, the overall budget is around £600. But my "what are they worth" question is in terms of the product themselves. Are the TD 6 and TD 9 good products? What's the difference with a TD 1 ? Sound ? Feel of pads? Thanks for sharing experience and views.