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    Tama Superstar Classic CL72S 7-piece Shell Pack Demo by Nick D'Virgilio

    Regardless.... still think the Tama takes it.. at least from these vids and what I am hearing.. and the Tama has horrible heads and the asian maple shells.
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    Tama Superstar Classic CL72S 7-piece Shell Pack Demo by Nick D'Virgilio

    That is what I would assume... however.. I was surprised at the Tama.. Asian Maple with Krappy-Azz heads.. compared to DW Design with N.A. Maple and USA Remo's... REMEMBER these factors when you listen to the vids.. I think the Tama is slightly taking the prize.. at least in the...
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    The new Pearl Sensitone Heritage Alloy snares

    Their Aluminum shells have been seamless for a long time from what I recall...... I think that is a Sweetwater mis-print on the Steel is my guess. You can see below they still list the Aluminum as seamless.. . but the steel, brass and bronze they do not ...
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    Tama Superstar Classic CL72S 7-piece Shell Pack Demo by Nick D'Virgilio

    Kick Sounds Great through my Speakers... but the room can effect this and you have to remember.. The kit has the standard tama heads.. "Power Craft" .. These drums are capable of quite a bit more than what you hear in this vid. What Nick should do is put these Power...
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    Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor

    8" tom easily IMO........ Floor toms are already such a low note for the most part..... you can always use the 16 for more hits. the tom you will notice to a much larger degree IMO. Especially in the mix.
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    Gretsch USA Custom

    . Here is a great comparison IMO.. Keep in mind the Brooklyn has a 20" kick.. and Keith uses regular Ambassadors on the kick batter afaik.... But it's basically gum vs poplar effect.......
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    My SQ2 order...

    Dude sold them already ... lol.. that was FAST
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    My SQ2 order...

    Yeah.. it actually is a coincidence... that guy on drumforum is in Arkansas........ Stroker isn't in the USA. Also.. the Arkansas guy's kits have the vintage maple shells with re-rings. .. Stroker has straight birch.
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    NEW 2021 SONOR AQX JAZZ | Blue Ocean Sparkle | Sound Test/Demo | 18/12/14/13x6

    . Not bad at all considering those stock heads are still on there !
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    Yamaha Stage Custom v.s. Gretsch Catalina Maple

    The Design's at your price are a great deal IMO... they don't cheap out on hardware.... full length suspension... no reducing number of lugs anywhere.. etc.... The Renown.. i know all about how great they sound just like you mention... .. they only thing with those is the newer...
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    Which shell?? ..... They have 3 different maple shells.
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    Yamaha RC vs vs Sonor SQ1, yamaha stage custom vs AQ2 ?

    YOu are talking about those new Performers??.. .. I would wager the Sonor sound better than those.. They are cheap used. Of course these are both without mic's. ... but you get a sense.
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    IN CONCERT | Sonor Sunset Bop Kit | Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma

    Very nice all around ! How do you like the very Thick shells compared to other thin shells??
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    Sonor Sunset Birdseye (Only 25 in the world!!) 18/12/14

    . They sound fine... but those shells are too thick to get the really wide open sounds going IMO.... However those shells are capable of really great sounds at other tunings.. . Here below are the Sonor shells for Bop....... These are THIN ... and NOT the vintage with...