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    New kit! Pearl Session Studio Select

    I've always appreciated Pearl. That is a very beautiful kit, and having owned a couple of Pearl Session series...I know that mysterious punchy-feely sound is the best!
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    Killer Bands: Gone But Not Forgotten!

    Just saw them! Gladly paid the 80.00 for a meet-n-greet. Only band I would do that for. They are swinging back through the states, and I can't recommend them highly enough. They are on fire and having fun.
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    Killer Bands: Gone But Not Forgotten!

    I dig your Minor Threat avatar.! Straight Edge, Baby. The Angels from Angel City Riot Angry Samoans The Call
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    Carry On Wayward Son band cover

    Darn fine work, friend! Everyones mix sounds great, too.
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    How do I start punk-drumming?

    Ha! Well.. They have some incredibly good songs, tho
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    How do I start punk-drumming?

    That makes me want to punch something. Kick&Punch&Kick&Punch Land Speed Record
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    How do I start punk-drumming?

    A worthy punk response. Go old-school Mitch Mitchell attitude as well. Or Keith Moon.
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    Common Classic Rock Shuffles

    Fool in the Rain_Zeppelin..? That's a shuffle, correct?
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    First time you were paid to play?

    Waaaaait a minute.. You guys get PAID??
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    Best music documentaries

    Who the hell is Malcom Dome, and why is he on every documentary?
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    What are your favorite albums?

    We're good with "album" for now, I think. al·bum /ˈalbəm/ noun 1. a blank book for the insertion of photographs, stamps, or pictures. "the wedding pictures had pride of place in the family album" 2. a collection of recordings issued as a single item on CD, record, or another medium
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    Heavy Metal/Power Metal Drumming.

    Tama Superstars(?) come in either Maple and Birch with a 7 piece I believe. Under 1000.00 USD around here in a Music Store. I visited one of your greatest furniture makers a couple of years ago..I quite enjoyed Odense and the surrounding area.
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    Best music documentaries

    Iron Maiden: Flight 666 is very entertaining. They seem so happy with their 747 and extended tour family. Must be something to live that! Dave Grohl did end up with that mixing board. That was an excellent documentary.
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    I have to agree with trickg on this. I'm a Product Engineer for a large "office environment" manufacturer. Also, my son is a senior at Kendall College of Art & Design, so I understand your enthusiasm. Drums, Bicycles, Pianos, Toilets, Ovens, Razors, etc.. were perfected a long time ago. All...
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    My First Band has ended. Kind of. Need advice..

    Their new band are all long time mutual friends. "Our Band" was me knowing only the Bass player (friend for 30 years) and I met the Guitarist twice in 1994.