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    First drumkit I built, stave mahogany shells

    NEW PICS DOWN THERE! My dad has been making stave and segment drums for 2 years now and I thought I could have a go on my own. Started with a piece of mahogany Made some circles Bearing edge on the 10" tom Waxed them Drilled Assembled And setup Spec 20x16" Bass drum...
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    RB Groove - Virtual Times

    Here is a new song from my band, its called RB Groove by my band Virtual Times. This was played live on an Icelandic radio station. Really bad mix but its ok. Hope you enjoy!
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    Fooling around outside

    I went to my cottage here in Iceland this weekend and I took my Arcs drumkit with me. I do not recomend playing drums on a uneven surface xD
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    Made my own chimes

    Desided to make my own chimes and finally finished them today. They are not perfect but they work! Next time I think I will make a bigger one and use some other thinner fiber and maybe some exotic wood ;)
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    Sonor SQ2's live

    I was were happy when I got the the place where my band was playing a concert later that day. I had my Mapex Pro M with me in the car and I went inside and on stage there was a SQ2 that I was free to use! I really want a SQ2, damn that thing sounded nice. Its was a bit high tuned for my tasted...
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    My band, The Fusion Factory

    My band recently played a live concert and the sound guy we hired offered to record the whole show. So now we have one song up on our myspace. I was amazed by the quality of these recordings, considering that they are live. Feel free to check us out on Hopefully...
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    New Arcs Drumkit!

    This drumkit was made for a Icellandic drummer called Einar Scheving. The wood is called Palisander. The shells were made here in Iceland and also the lugs. Hardware is a blend of Yamaha and Pearl. The sound is amazing and it looks amazing. 22x18" Bassdrum 10x7" Tom 12x8" Tom 15x14" Floor...
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    Some grooves

    Some grooves played by me 26. September.